TEI Family Met at Picnic

TEI Family Met at Picnic
TEI Family Met at Picnic

Turkey's leading engine company TEI met with its employees and their families at the TEI Traditional Family Picnic.

More than 25 people attended the event held at TEI Eskişehir Campus on Sunday, September 6000. In the event where TEI employees took part with their families, TEI once again showed that it is a big family with all its employees and their families.

The whole TEI family had a pleasant day with food and beverage areas organized in the picnic area, over 20 different fun activities organized for children, young people and all participants.

Bringing the excitement of seeing a jet engine in action with the taxi show it made with the TEI-TJ90 Turbojet Engine it developed, TEI also hosted the families of its employees at the Engine Adventure Museum Area. Picnic participants had the chance to see the original engines developed by TEI, its manufacturing contributions to global aviation, and its capabilities in the fields of quality, maintenance, repair, revision, assembly and repair. Guests also had the opportunity to examine Turkey's First Domestic and National Turbofan Mobile Bremze in the picnic area.

At the TEI Traditional Family Picnic, where the prizes of the winners of the traditionally organized Spring Tournament were also given, surprise gifts were given to their owners in the “37 Special Gift Draw for 37 Years” held to commemorate the 37th anniversary of its foundation. Delivering a speech in memory of the day, TEI General Manager Prof. Dr. Mahmut F. Aksit emphasized that the entire TEI family has contributed to their successful work in all fields of activity.

“TEI-TF6000 is next”

Talking about the current developments in the TEI-TS1400 Turboshaft Engine in his speech, Aksit shared images from the test where the engine reached 1570 horsepower. “Hopefully, it's time to watch the test images of our TEI-TF6000 engine. Maybe we will watch test images of our TEI-TF6000 engine together at our next picnic. We are working with all our strength for the original engines of our country.” said.

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