Tax Exemption Doping on Micro Exports

Tax Exemption Doping on Micro Exports
Tax Exemption Doping on Micro Exports

The e-commerce sector, which has been on the rise with the global epidemic, has directed businesses of all sizes to e-export. The 50% tax exemption, which started to be offered to micro exporters last year, introduced SMEs and entrepreneurs to e-export. Platforms that offer advanced e-commerce and e-export solutions bring speed and efficiency to the cross-border activities of SMEs and entrepreneurs.

According to the data of the Ministry of Commerce, e-commerce volume reached the 2021 billion TL limit with an increase of 69% in 400. The number of orders increased by 46% to 3 billion 347 million units. While 92% of e-commerce was carried out domestically, e-export activities took a 4% share from the ecosystem. While the vast majority of approximately 500 thousand enterprises engaged in e-commerce activities last year made sales in marketplaces, approximately 26 thousand 500 enterprises carried out their activities through their own websites. While the sector is growing day by day, it is aimed to increase Turkey's share in global trade with the Far Countries Strategy implemented by the Ministry of Commerce.

Noting that companies and entrepreneurs of all sizes can deliver their products to all over the world with e-commerce, ikas CEO Mustafa Namoğlu said, “The support provided to exporters by the Ministry of Trade includes e-exporters as well. In this context, support is offered to businesses in 14 different categories, from travel, advertising and marketing support to office and store structuring abroad. With the Presidency's Decision on Export Supports published in the Official Gazette this month, the expenses of exporting companies related to market entry documents, licensing and registration will be supported by 50% and up to 4 million TL per year. This decision, which aims to give businesses competitiveness in international markets, is of critical importance for our country to reach its year-end export target of 250 billion dollars.

Supports gave SMEs and entrepreneurs an exporter identity

Noting that the supports offered to exporters enable SME-level companies and entrepreneurs to acquire an exporter identity, Mustafa Namoğlu said, “The introduction of 50% tax exemption with the 'Law on the Restructuring of Certain Receivables and Amendments to Some Laws', which came into force last year, paved the way for micro-exports. Micro-exports, which open its doors to small investors abroad, directs the cross-border sales of products weighing 300 kilograms and an invoice value not exceeding 15 thousand euros. The ETGB (Electronic Trade Customs Declaration) system developed by the Ministry of Commerce facilitates micro export activities of SMEs and entrepreneurs. SMEs can start exporting without registering with the export chambers, without the need for a customs consultant and regular customs declaration. By keeping their products in the warehouses of companies with ETGB authorization without paying any fee, they can achieve significant cost savings.”

Brings speed and efficiency to the activities of SMEs and entrepreneurs

Stating that e-export accelerates the branding process and cross-border journey of SMEs and entrepreneurs, ikas CEO Mustafa Namoğlu said, “In addition to incentives, the diversification of payment systems and cargo operations also facilitates e-export activities. We shape the activities of SMEs and entrepreneurs with the e-commerce and e-export solutions we have developed. Company owners and entrepreneurs can manage their activities by establishing their own e-commerce sites without the need for any technical knowledge through our strong infrastructure. Thanks to our advanced infrastructure, we bring SMEs and entrepreneurs to the global trade traffic, while bringing speed and efficiency to their activities. We enable users to reach their sales targets in the shortest way possible with our solutions that include features such as returns, categories, custom fields, filters, and marketing automation, where we bring all sales channels together in a single panel.

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