Tarsus Fahrettinpaşa Level Crossing Is Now Safer

Tarsus Fahrettinpasa Level Crossing Is Now Safer
Tarsus Fahrettinpaşa Level Crossing Is Now Safer

The teams affiliated to the Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Road Construction, Maintenance and Repair Department continue their activities of removing broken ground and re-asphalting at level crossings within the scope of their work in coordination with the State Railways.

Similar to the activity carried out at the 100th Year and Gazipaşa controlled level crossings in Tarsus city center in the past days, it was also carried out at the Fahrettinpaşa level crossing.

The revision and arrangement process was carried out by the State Railways teams at the points where the rail system is located. Metropolitan Municipality teams, on the other hand, dismantled the worn asphalt floor, which forms the superstructure of the level crossing. After the ground improvement and compaction activity, the hot asphalt paving process was carried out.

With the technical work and floor arrangement process at the level crossing, safe passage of both drivers, individuals with special needs and other pedestrians, as well as trains, was ensured.

Kemalpaşa Neighborhood Headman Ertan Ayhan stated that the bad ground at the level crossing has been a problem for a long time, and said, “Fahrettinpaşa level crossing was broken due to heavy traffic. Thereupon, the citizen made a request. We also contacted the authorized units. Now the level has been revised and is safer. The Metropolitan Municipality helped us in this regard and the problem was solved.”

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