Sports in Parks Became Indispensable for Capitalists

Sports in the Parks Became Indispensable for the Capitalists
Sports in Parks Became Indispensable for Capitalists

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues to implement projects that promote sports in the Capital. With the slogan of "Healthy Steps, Healthy Capital", free sports activities, which are of great interest to the citizens in 23 parks and recreation areas, continue on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays between 08.00:11.00 and XNUMX:XNUMX, accompanied by physical education teachers and expert trainers.

Citizens show great interest in free sports activities initiated by Ankara Metropolitan Municipality in parks and recreation areas with the slogan "Healthy Steps, Healthy Capital".

Sports activities initiated to encourage sports throughout the city; It is held between 08.00:11.00 and XNUMX:XNUMX on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays.


Specialist trainers and physical education teachers serving under the Women and Family Services Department teach the citizens of the Capital how to do sports with the right movements.

Underlining that they inform the citizens participating in the sports activities held in Dikmen Valley, Altınpark and Bahçelievler Adnan Ötüken Park on many subjects from gymnastics to running, from stretching to the use of sports equipment, physical education teachers and expert trainers spoke as follows:

Wish Smoke: “We make our people do morning exercises in the open air. They enjoy it very much. We have received very positive feedback on the project that we have been continuing for 2 years. We plan to continue morning sports as long as the weather conditions are good. We try to appeal to everyone. Since the average age of our group today is over 50, we do more physical therapy-style exercises.”

Aslihan Kaya: “We have been doing sports in parks for 2 years. People both protect their physical health and gain new and beautiful friendships with this sport. We are delighted to be in this position.”

Eda Öncü Topel: “This year, there is a great interest in our sports activities that continue throughout the summer. We, the trainers, direct the citizens who want to do sports to do sports more consciously and teach the right movements. Sports have a positive effect on those who do it both physiologically and psychologically. We encourage sports fans to do sports more consciously.”


Stating that they had the opportunity to both do sports and socialize by participating in the morning sports event in Dikmen Valley, Altınpark and Adnan Ötüken Park, Başkent residents expressed their satisfaction with the sports activity with the following words:

Posted by Füsun: “I have been participating in morning sports for 2 years. This is a very good opportunity offered to us… All of our teachers are very good. We are very happy with all of them. We get together with our friends, sometimes we have picnics. Even if we go on vacation, we are here again when we return. We are happy with the activity.”

Hatice Menteş: “I started morning sports this year. It is better to do sports under the supervision of an instructor… I would like to thank the Metropolitan Municipality.”

Guler Tezcan: “We have been going to morning sports since last year and we like it very much. We socialize here, our friends are very compatible. All valuable people. Sometimes we have breakfast, we spend time together. This is very valuable to us.”

Safak Sabuncuoglu: “I learned about the sports event in the parks by chance last year, and I participated regularly until November. This year, we decided to attend with friends. With this event, we both do sports and find the opportunity to socialize, everyone is very pleased.”

Ozcan Kangal: “Sports in the parks helped me a lot. Our lifestyle, our bodies have changed. Since we cannot do sports at home, we have the opportunity to do sports regularly here. Thanks to sports, we made new friends and we can socialize with them.”

Tahir Diril: “I have been participating in sports activities for two years. Thanks to this sport, I lost 12 kg. I had never played sports in my life. Exercising with the teachers made us even more conscious.”

Mualla Unal: “We need to do sports more consciously as we age. Working with a teacher is more enjoyable. In this way, doing sports becomes more disciplined. I'm learning what I don't know. Thanks to this, I had a new social circle.”

Yalcin Tokerer: “After the age of 60, Mansur President made me love sports with this sports service. I come to the gym every day. I become more vigorous and more energetic thanks to sports… I thank the Metropolitan and my sports teachers.”


The 23 points where sports activities open to all citizens are held are as follows:

  • Cemre Park-Yenimahalle
  • Zeynepcik Park-Yenimahalle
  • Adnan Otuken Park-Cankaya
  • Kurtulus Park-Cankaya
  • Segmenler Park-Cankaya
  • Dikmen Valley-Çankaya
  • Göksu Park-Etimesgut
  • Saray Park-Pursaklar
  • Altinpark Altindag
  • Şafaktepe Park-Mamak
  • Wonderland Park 3rd gate entrance-Xinjiang
  • Vedat Dalokay Park-Yenimahalle
  • Erol Kaya-Yenimahalle
  • North Star Recreation Area-Altindag
  • Kuşcagiz Family Life Center Surroundings – Keçiören
  • Martyr Specialist Sergeant Özgür Can İnce Park-Etimesgut
  • GOP Park-Xinjiang
  • Martyr Ertan Akgul Park/Ureyir-Mamak
  • Necmettin Erbakan Park-Kazan
  • Gazi University Çubuk Campus-Çubuk
  • Gokcek Park-Kecioren
  • Esertepe Park-Keçiören
  • Martyr Bulent Sarikaya Park-Cankaya

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