'Smart Ankara' is being brought to life

Smart Ankara is being brought to life
'Smart Ankara' is being brought to life

Electricity Gas Bus General Directorate (EGO) has started working on the "Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan" (SUMP), which will be implemented within the scope of the "Smart Ankara Project".

Within the scope of the Smart Ankara project developed under the EGO General Directorate, Ankara gets the "Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan". The work to be carried out with the "Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance" (IPA) fund provided by the European Union to the candidate countries and the coordination of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure started on 22 August 2022.

There is common sense in the foreground

It was stated that at every stage of the development process of the project, close contact with sector representatives and citizens will be made and feedback will be received. Within the scope of the project, which will continue for two years from the start date, the principle of common sense will be prioritized through activities, household surveys, meetings and working groups.

Stating that SUMP will be prepared in a participatory and transparent manner in order to increase accessibility and quality of life, EGO General Directorate Transportation Technologies Department Head Bülent Özkan said, “The 'Sustainable Urban Action Plan', financed by the European Union and carried out under the coordination of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, will be effective as of 22 August. started. This project consists of two components. The first of these was the purchase of goods that we started earlier.” made a statement.

Mentioning that the process of preparing the Urban Mobility Plan, which is the second phase, has begun, Özkan said, “Reducing carbon emissions, expanding micro-mobility, prioritizing citizen participation, and activating the bike sharing system in Ankara are the main axis of these planning studies. With the project, planning studies with citizen participation will be carried out and Ankara will be provided with environmentally friendly and sustainable transportation opportunities.

“Every process will be tested in a simulation environment”

SUMP, which is prepared to transition to sustainable transportation modes in order to solve urban transportation problems and achieve the European Climate and Environment Goals determined within the framework of international agreements, processes the integration, development, monitoring and evaluation of transportation diversity in the city with the participation of all stakeholders living in the city and cooperation between institutions. covers.

All scenarios developed for Ankara's mobility will be prepared based on real data and tested in a simulation environment.

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