The Opening Ceremony of the Revitalization of the Tourism Sector Project was Held

Revitalization of the Tourism Sector Project Opening Ceremony Held
The Opening Ceremony of the Revitalization of the Tourism Sector Project was Held

Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank stated that within the scope of the Competitive Sectors Program, they have transferred approximately 220 million liras as the ministry for the development of tourism infrastructure in the new period.

Minister Varank, at the official opening ceremony of the Revitalization of the Tourism Sector Project in Adıyaman, said that Turkey has important natural beauties. Emphasizing that Turkey is the country that best fits the phrase “heavenly homeland”, Varank said, “Our mountains, rivers, waterfalls, caves… Each one is more inspiring than the other. For example, Fairy Chimneys, Pamukkale, Saklıkent Canyon. Each of these has a beauty beyond the descriptions of the writers who say 'mine'. On the other hand, we have a unique historical heritage. Hagia Sophia Mosque is a masterpiece in itself. World heritage Ephesus Ancient City… Göbeklitepe, the zero point of history… It manages to attract millions of history enthusiasts every year.” he said.


Stating that the historical and natural beauties in Turkey are endless, Varank stated that Adıyaman is one of the most important tourism destinations of the country. Explaining that there are pleasing developments in tourism after the pandemic, Varank said, “The tourism performance in the first half of this year exceeded our expectations. We expect 2022 million tourists and 47 billion dollars tourism income in 37. These developments in every field in our country, this rise, this acceleration, whatever we call it, do not happen on its own.” said.


Stating that they are carrying out serious studies within the scope of the development of tourism all over the country, Varank said, “We are almost reconstructing archaeological sites, historical sites and cultural centers. Besides, we never ignore the infrastructures that support tourism.” he said.


Varank stated that as a ministry, they provide different supports to development agencies, regional development administrations and tourism within the scope of the Competitive Sectors Program, which is co-financed with the European Union. Emphasizing that they provided a lot of support in this context, Varank said, “Within the scope of the Competitive Sectors Program, we transferred approximately 220 million Turkish liras to the development of the tourism infrastructure in the new period. We are trying to increase the competitiveness of our region in tourism, especially by supporting cultural tourism projects.” said.


Stating that they built the Commagene Cultural Center in the city center within the scope of a project worth 8 million euros in Adıyaman, Varank said that there is a cinevision hall prepared with the latest technology in the center.


Stating that reception centers were built in accordance with the local architecture and landscaping was completed in Karakuş Tumulus, Cendere and Kızılin bridges, Kahta Castle, Palanlı Cave, Arsemia, Taşgedik, old Besni and Kuyulu Ruins, Varank said: we did a study. I wish the brand 'Commagene, the Unique Heritage of the Mysterious Kingdom', defined for the destination, to be beneficial to our city. I sincerely believe that the brand will become even stronger with the promotional activities and fairs to be held in the coming months. We attach great importance to the recognition and promotion of the Mesopotamia brand. We want Turkey to come to mind when Mesopotamia is mentioned, and Mesopotamia when Turkey is mentioned. We will promote this brand and attract tourists from abroad to the region.” used his statements.


Mentioning that there was 2002 Organized Industrial Zone in Adıyaman before 1, Varank informed that this number has reached 5 today and said, “There are approximately 2002 thousand in 215 parcels that started production together with Gölbaşı, Besni, Kahta and Marble Specialized Organized Industrial Zone, which was established after 19. people were employed. Hopefully, this figure will reach 25 thousand with the investments of our industrialists. In order for our organized industrial zones, which I have mentioned, to start operating quickly, we have allocated loans of more than 100 million liras, with current figures. I would like to share a good news with our brothers from Adıyaman regarding our OIZs. Adıyaman-Gölbaşı OIZ 2022nd Stage Project, which is included in the 2 investment program, will be completed by the end of this year and will be put into service for our industrialists. With the project, additional employment will be provided to approximately 500 citizens.” said.


Noting that the site selection works of approximately 363 hectares of land, which is requested to be added to the borders of Besni OIZ, have been completed as a ministry, Varank said, “We will continue to develop the economy of Adıyaman. I believe that action will be taken quickly here as well. Again, through İpekyolu Development Agency, we have provided more than 163 million liras in support to 160 projects in Adıyaman. Through the GAP Regional Development Administration, we transferred more than 108 million liras to 2022 projects at 90 prices.” he said.


Giving the good news that the call for the "Technological Transformation Financing Program in the Manufacturing Industry" will be launched as of Monday through İpekyolu Development Agency, Varank said, "SMEs in the region will be able to receive support from us up to a minimum of 500 thousand liras and a maximum of 2,5 million liras within the scope of this call. By using this support, they will have the opportunity to use interest-free loans from Vakıf Katılım Bank. In other words, we will pay the 40 million lira interest part and hopefully create a volume of 200 million lira. Our businesses will benefit from this.” made its assessment.

Adıyaman Governor Mahmut Çuhadar said that Adıyaman is an important city with its nature and natural beauties. Çuhadar explained that important steps were taken in the city with the opening, and said, “With these projects, we keep the works left by all civilizations alive. We thank you for your contribution to the common cultural heritage of humanity in our city. I would like to express my gratitude for sharing this excitement today.” said.

The ceremony was attended by the First Undersecretary of the EU Delegation to Turkey Angel Gutierrez Hidalgo, Adıyaman Mayor Süleyman Kılınç, AK Party deputies İbrahim Halil Fırat, Yakup Taş, Muhammed Fatih Toprak, Adıyaman University Rector Prof. Dr. Mehmet Turgut, corporate supervisors and relevant persons attended.

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