Renovated Lausanne Gate is Ready for the 91st IEF

Renovated Lausanne Gate Ready for IEF
Renovated Lausanne Gate is Ready for the 91st IEF

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality renovated the Lausanne gate of Kulturpark, one of the most important venues in the city's fair organization, culture and art history, and made it ready before the opening of the 91st IEF.

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality renewed the Lausanne Gate of Kültürpark, which is registered as an immovable cultural property to be protected. Worn over time, the door was rebuilt according to its original form in 1938.

Within the scope of the works carried out by the Department of Science, Construction, Park and Gardens and İZBETON teams, the two reinforced concrete towers in the center of the gate were preserved and strengthened. The entrance doors on the right and left of the tower were demolished and rebuilt. The floor covering, which was concrete and key parquet, was replaced with marble. Flagpoles were placed above the entrance gates. Renovation and strengthening works were completed in 45 days.

The opening of the 91st International International Fair with Terra Madre Anadolu İzmir will be held on the fair side of the renewed Lausanne Gate at 20.00 today.

Günceleme: 02/09/2022 14:34

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