Efficient Projects Will Be Awarded at the Summit

Efficient Projects Will Get Prizes at the Summit
Efficient Projects Will Be Awarded at the Summit

The Efficiency Awards organization, which will be held within the scope of ST Industry Summits in order to announce the projects that provide efficiency in production processes and to raise awareness in this field, will be held in Tuzla on October 4-6.

In the organization to be held, factories that make investments to increase productivity and companies that implement the project will receive their awards. The organization, in which efficiency practices implemented in different sectors will be brought to the stage, will continue for 3 days within the scope of ST Industry Summits.


The answers to the questions of which company has implemented a project that increases productivity in which sector and what were the results will be answered in the 1st Productivity Awards organization this year within the scope of the Summits.

At the 70st Efficiency Awards, where a total of 1 projects took place, different projects that provided efficiency in factories, from energy efficiency to robotic production, from digitalization to process applications, will be discussed on the stage.

Visitors will have the opportunity to listen to different projects at the 1st Productivity Awards, where projects that have been implemented and are currently in use will be awarded.


This year, which will take place with the theme of efficiency; Projects will be discussed in the panel areas at the Energy Producing Factories Summit, Robot Investments Summit, Industry 4.0 Applications Summit and Process Summit, and application examples will be exhibited at the stands.

Visitors will be able to visit the 4 summits that will take place in Tuzla Viaport Marina fairground between 6-2022 October 4 on weekdays, free of charge, as well as watch the panel programs and the award ceremony.

The Efficiency Awards, which will be held for the first time this year, will become traditional and will continue to be held every year.

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