A New Method in Overcoming Addictions: 'Resonance Therapies'

New Method Resonance Therapies in Overcoming Addictions
New Method 'Resonance Therapies' in Overcoming Addictions

The fact that individuals attach more importance to their health during the global epidemic has increased the interest in personalized medicine applications. While it is estimated that the complementary and alternative medicine market will grow by 2027% every year until 20, bioresonance therapy, which is a 50-year-old method, came to the fore among these applications, also known as precision medicine.

While the global pandemic is known to make people more sensitive about their health, a Deloitte survey at the time showed that an increasing number of groups are using technology to monitor their health and measure their well-being. Individuals who pay more attention to their physical and emotional health have also contributed to the popularity of new approaches to health.

While it is seen in the Researchand Markets report that the global complementary and alternative medicine market has exceeded the 2021 billion threshold in 100, it is estimated that the market will reach 2022 billion dollars in 2027 with a compound annual growth rate of 20,8% in the 2027-315,5 period. In the complementary and alternative medicine market, precision medicine applications, which the multinational bank JPMorgan defined as “the new trend in health innovation”, came to the fore. Bio-resonance, which was discovered by the medical doctor Franz Morell in the 1970s, attracted attention as a preventive and holistic method in precision medicine applications, which defines a medical model designed according to the whole story of the patients, rather than a model applied with a single drug.

Sharing his evaluations on the subject, Koşuyolu Rezonans Founder Dr. Mürsel Yavuz said, “The method, which is known as precision medicine and has become the new driving force of innovation in health, is based on the assumption that the success rate decreases when the treatments are not completed in a specific way. This model focuses on identifying genetic, phenotypic and environmental factors that affect people's health risks. As Koşuyolu Resonans, we use this model in areas such as getting rid of addiction, healthy weight loss and spiritual detox with the scientifically-based bio-resonance application.”

“The important thing is to discover the real problem”

Noting that traditional practices recommend using the same recipe for everyone to achieve good results, Dr. Mürsel Yavuz said, “When we think within the framework of logic, we all see that all individuals differ with their medical histories and other personal factors, and it is not possible to expect the same good result from the same prescription. Bio-resonance therapies, under the supervision of specialist physicians, psychologists and dietitians, offer a personalized healing path based on the stories of the people. Bio-resonance, which was discovered 50 years ago by medical doctor Franz Morell and developed by electrical engineer Eric Rasche, is considered a holistic medicine application. With the emergence of energy-based changes in the body of the individual, it is aimed to take control of difficult-to-control situations that require willpower. At this point, the subject that bio-resonance provides the most benefit comes to the fore as addictions. As Koşuyolu Resonans, we offer our clients a way to treat their smoking, alcohol addictions and eating disorders without using drugs with the resonance therapy method.

“We serve with our staff of specialist physicians, physiotherapists, clinical psychologists and dietitians”

Stating that bio-resonance therapies are carried out in 50-minute sessions, without the use of drugs, and aim to make energy-based changes with electromagnetic vibrations, Dr. Mürsel Yavuz concluded his evaluations with the following statements: “Resonance therapies do not adversely affect the daily lives of clients. These therapies, which we carry out with our staff consisting of specialist physicians, physiotherapists, clinical psychologists and dietitians, open the door for people to get rid of their bad habits. The resonance therapy method is used not only in addictions, but also in the healing of diseases and stress management. When a client applies to us, their complaint is evaluated by our team in all areas of expertise and the most appropriate roadmap is drawn up. We are waiting for those who want to meet our practices that have improved the quality of life of more than 240 clients so far, at our address in Üsküdar.”

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