A New Era Has Started in Urban Transportation in Çankırı

New Term Has Started in Urban Transportation in Cankirida
A New Era Has Started in Urban Transportation in Çankırı

Çankırı Municipality, which took action to eliminate the problem of urban public transportation, started transportation services early due to the fact that the existing bus management stopped working. It was reported that transportation service will be provided free of charge for one week.

The latest model 21 vehicles, which were brought in with the initiatives of Mayor İsmail Hakkı Esen, were put into the service of the people of Çankırı. President Esen said, “We have experienced the problems of our people in urban transportation with them. It's time to put a scalpel on this issue. We were going to prepare everything exactly and start our transportation services in a coordinated way at the beginning of October. However, due to the reasons arising from the current operation, our buses have started to serve as of today and carry our people. Our flights will be free for one week. Of course, in this process, both our buses and our drivers, which we have just started, will have a period of getting used to ensure the comfort and confidence of our people. I think that the problems will be resolved in a short time, and I seek refuge in the understanding of our people. Together, we will get out of this business with a clear conscience. Our first flights start today. Good luck to my people." said.

According to the statement made by Çankırı Municipality; Private Public Buses merged under the umbrella of Çankırı Municipality. Çankırı Municipality will provide the urban public transportation service as of today. In the new period in urban public transportation, a total of 4 comfortable vehicles, including 15 buses, 2 minibuses and 21 articulated vehicles, will be on the field by using the latest model vehicles. In order for the bus routes to work in the most efficient way, arrangements will be made according to the demands of the citizens. After the new regulations are completed, bus routes and times will be announced on cankiri.bel.tr so that citizens do not experience any grievances.

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