The Node of Transportation in Bursa is Untied with Bridges

My Transportation Node In Bursa Is Solving With Bridges
The Node of Transportation in Bursa is Untied with Bridges

Bringing a breath of fresh air to Bursa traffic with new bridges and junctions, the Metropolitan Municipality pressed the button for the construction of the Fuat Kuşçuoğlu bridge, which will provide the connection from Acemler to Yunuseli.

Continuing its investments in new roads, road widening and rail systems in order to prevent transportation from being a problem in Bursa, the Metropolitan Municipality adds a new one to its bridge and junction works. The Metropolitan Municipality, which focuses especially on the Acemler region in its transportation investments in the city center, brings a new bridge to Acemler, where efforts are made to expand the lane on the connecting branches, connect Hayran Cadde and Oulu Cadde with a tube passage, and reduce the traffic load with additional branches to the Mudanya Junction. With the Fuat Kuşçuoğlu bridge, the construction of which started at the Acemler and Yunuseli junction of the Near East Ring Road, the vehicles coming from the direction of Acemler will directly connect to Fuat Kuşçuoğlu Street with the new bridge without entering the Near East Ring Road. For Fuat Kuşçuoğlu Bridge, which consists of 7 legs and 6 spans, where the production started, 54 beams and 1560 meters of bored piles will be installed. Approximately 2700 square meters of concrete and 900 tons of iron will be used in the work, with 2500 square meters of geoarme wall fabrication and 30 thousand cubic meters of excavation filling.

Investments do not slow down

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş said that they are working hard to reduce the burden of Acemler, whose daily vehicle passage is 15-10 percent more than the 12 July Martyrs Bridge in Istanbul. Reminding that Acemler is the intersection point of all roads on the east-west axis of the city, Mayor Aktaş said, “There is an intense vehicle passage towards the Yunuseli region, where the density of construction has increased gradually in recent years. Vehicles coming from the south of the city and from the direction of İzmir can enter the Acemler Junction, use the Near East Ring Road and connect to the Yunuseli region after making a U-turn. This causes congestion at Acemler Junction, especially during peak hours. With the Fuat Kuşoğlu Bridge, the construction of which has begun, these vehicles will now be able to connect directly to Yunuseli via the junction without being diverted to the Near East Ring Road, thus accelerating the course of traffic. I wish the new bridge to be good in advance," he said.

Günceleme: 09/09/2022 14:28

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