Fehime Sultan and Hatice Sultan Mansions Purchased from IMM and Transferred to the Treasury

Fehime Sultan and Hatice Sultan Mansions Taken from IMM and Transferred to the Treasury
Fehime Sultan and Hatice Sultan Mansions Purchased from IMM and Transferred to the Treasury

Fehime Sultan and Hatice Sultan mansions, located on the coast of Ortaköy and owned by İBB, with a total value of approximately 7 billion TL, were purchased from İBB and transferred to the Treasury. IMM President, who made a statement in front of the mansions on Saturday Ekrem İmamoğlureminded of this possibility and described the transfer as 'extortion'. IMM will continue to fight legally.

The Transfer, Liquidation and Distribution Commission convened in the Governorship of Istanbul, illegally taking the property of Fehime Sultan and Hatice Sultan mansions in IMM and transferring them to the Treasury. The decision was taken with the majority vote of 1 ministry representatives in the commission, where there was only 7 representative from the IMM.

After the Fehime Sultan and Hatice Sultan mansions were taken from IMM and transferred to the Treasury, IMM Secretary General Can Akın Çağlar, Deputy Chairman Ülkü Sakalar and İBB CHP Parliamentary Group Deputy Chairman Doğan Subaşı made statements to the press. IMM Deputy Secretary General Arif Gürkan Alpay, Mahir Polat and Dr. Buğra Gökce, Head of Cultural Heritage Department Oktay Özel, Boğaziçi Reconstruction Branch Manager Elçin Karaoğlu, 1st Legal Advisor Eren Sönmez, İBB Assembly Good Party Group Deputy Chairman İbrahim Özkan were also accompanied.


Recalling that a board that was established for 2014 months in 6 and whose task was completed was revived 8 years later, Çağlar said, “A property subject to the Treasury in 1950 was given to the Special Provincial Administration in 1964. This property, which has been in the Special Provincial Administration since 1964, was later allocated to the company of the Special Provincial Administration, which is a partnership of Turkish Airlines and Do&Co, in 2009 with the decision of the Council of Ministers, in order to build a hotel for 25 years. Although it was stated in the contract that these structures would be restored and opened as a hotel within 3 years, the building has not been restored yet despite all these years. It was not turned into a hotel. Regarding this issue, we saw that there were many shortcomings in the evaluations we made about the building within the framework of the responsibility of the different units of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, and this is how the process started.”


Stating that the properties were not restored as a hotel, as per the contract, and that they were not taken into the building for inspection in order to bring the assets and values ​​of Istanbul together with the people of Istanbul, after complaints from different institutions, Çağlar said: we shared. As the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, we started a process upon the cancellation of our contract and the transfer of the property to us, if the terms of our contract were not fulfilled after we expressed the deficiencies here.”


Stating that after they started this process, the properties that were given to IMM in 2014 with another public power, it is aimed to register with the Public Treasury with today's decision, "We will closely follow the legal and subsequent processes. We will apply to the judicial remedy for the protection of this right on behalf of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and the 16 million it represents. Within the framework of the decision of the judiciary, we are sure that this property is again Istanbul. We think that it will be registered with the Metropolitan Municipality and 16 million.”


Ülkü Sakalar, the only person representing İBB, spoke at the commission meeting. Sakalar explained the statements in the first letter sent to IMM by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, General Directorate of National Real Estate: “The commission established in 2014 with the law regarding the liquidation of properties by closing Special Provincial Administrations may have taken wrong decisions. If there are buildings with qualifications such as schools, mosques, police stations, they should not only be returned to the IMM, but to the person concerned. The aforementioned Hatice Sultan and Fehmi Sultan mansions here are also referred to as schools. Consider them that way too.”


Ülkü Sakalar pointed out that the phrase "school" was never used in the commission convened today, as stated in the first article, and continued her speech as follows: This place was not a school when it was handed over to us in 2014, and it is not now. It was not included in the contract signed by the Special Provincial Administration in 2009 between Turkish Airlines and Do&Co. In other words, because we said that your reason is wrong, this is not a school, a justification was probably made up for us today. We tried to understand what that reason was. As a reason, they said: In 1950, this place was on the Treasury for 10 years. In 2014, many real estates came to IMM in this way. Have you looked at their history too? No. We looked at this. Why? The reason is very clear, we completely think that this business is already malicious.”


Ülkü Sakalar pointed out that the Governor's Office intervened in a lawsuit between THY Do&Co company and IMM, and stated that these reasons have no legal basis and that they will file a lawsuit.

Saying that they wanted a written justification from the commission, Sakalar said, “We asked for a written justification, but they verbally said, 'This was about the Treasury in 1950. We made a mistake, sorry. He should not have gone to the provincial special administration. They took the mansions back on the grounds that it shouldn't have come to you from there either. That's the gist of it. We are very curious about what they will do now. He says he invested 130 million dollars there. Will they give this place to the Treasury and build a school, what will they do? It is really a subject worth investigating,” he said.

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