Logistech–Logistics, Storage and Technologies Fair Opened Its Doors

Logistech–Logistics Storage and Technologies Fair Doors Acti
Logistech–Logistics, Storage and Technologies Fair Opened Its Doors

Organized for the first time by İZFAŞ, hosted by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, Logistech – Logistics, Storage and Technologies Fair opened its doors. İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor, who stated that he was very happy and excited about the interest shown in the fair. Tunç Soyer He said that the fair will revitalize the industry.

Organized for the first time by İZFAŞ, hosted by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, Logistech–Logistics, Storage and Technologies Fair has started. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor of Logistech held at Fuar Izmir between 29 September-1 October 2022 Tunç Soyerİzmir Representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Naciye Gökçen Kaya, Chairman of the İzmir Branch of İMEAK Chamber of Shipping Yusuf Öztürk, İzmir Chamber of Commerce Assembly President Selami Özpoyraz, Aegean Exporters Union Coordinator Chairman Jak Eskinazi, Aegean Region Chamber of Industry Chairman of the Board of Directors. Ender Yorgancılar, İZFAŞ General Manager Canan Karaosmanoğlu Buyer, Stacking Machinery Distributors and Manufacturers Association Chairman Serkan Karataş, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality bureaucrats and purchasing committees from abroad attended.

“This fair is a heart massage”

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor, who stated that he was very happy and excited about the interest shown in the fair. Tunç Soyer“Logistics is one of the fastest growing sectors in the world. The industry, which exceeded 2021 trillion dollars at the end of 5,5, is expected to reach 2026 trillion dollars in 6,9. Being a natural logistics center with its geographical location and being a port city, İzmir has to get its share from this growth. Just as the heart pumps blood from one part of the body to the other in order to survive, the logistics industry is a sector that serves as that heart. This fair is actually a heart massage. I hope that this fair will pump fresh blood to the sector with the opportunities it will create.”

“The character of Izmir”

The President, who said that they are working to revitalize the ports, Tunç Soyer“We have to revive all the ports of İzmir, from Alsancak to Aliağa. The growth of ports means the development of not only İzmir but our whole country. The logistics center to be established in Kemalpaşa will function as an important supply point between the Aegean Region and our port. In order to make this center more functional, our Municipality works meticulously on various transportation options, especially rail systems. If we want Izmir to become the logistics center of our country, if we want to be the gateway to the West in the 'One Belt One Road' project, we are obliged to act together as we did in this fair today.”

İzmir gained significant momentum with the European Award

Reminding that Izmir received the European Award, the President Tunç Soyer“Izmir brought this award to Turkey for the first time in 13 years. İzmir gained a significant momentum. We must carry this momentum forward. You will see, this joint effort will bring very important results to increase the welfare of our citizens in the economic crisis.

Öztürk: “I hope you can guess what will happen”

Yusuf Öztürk, Chairman of the IMEAK Chamber of Shipping İzmir Branch, said, “I would like to thank you and your team, Mayor. It is the most beautiful fair held for this sector where we earn our bread. If this fair starts with such firsts, guess what will happen in the future. I also think that the fair has already gained an international dimension. President, be with us. With these efforts, we will create a city that is known for logistics.”

Erşen: “İzmir is the true face and gate of Turkey opening to the west”

İZDENİZ Chairman of the Board Hakan Erşen gave information about İZDENİZ. Emphasizing the importance of the fair and İzmir's place in logistics, Erşen said, “İzmir is Turkey's true face and door opening to the west.”

President Tunç Soyer and the accompanying delegation visited the stands of the exhibitors after the opening. A company donating to LÖSEV for visitors presented a rag doll to President Soyer.

Contribution to the city and country

With the Logistech fair, it is aimed for İzmir to become a trade and logistics center in the Mediterranean basin, to become an international port city, thus to develop the sectors that trade by sea and land and to support employment. Many land, sea, air and railway logistics companies, port operators, warehousing, prefabricated production and cold chain, information technologies and automation companies, e-commerce service providers, transportation vehicles companies such as trucks, tow trucks, forklifts, cargo transportation equipment , banks, insurance and customs clearance, fuel companies, non-governmental organizations serving the sector and publishers are participating.

The logistics performance of İzmir and the Aegean will increase with the synergy that will be created by the fair, where the entire supply and need chain of the logistics sector comes together. It is expected that the fair will open new roads to the city and the country in the maritime and logistics sector and contribute to the economy.

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