Last minute! EGM Announced: Police will be given a promotion of 27 thousand TL

Last Minute EGM Announces A Thousand TL Promotion Will Be Given To The Police
Last minute! EGM Announces 27 Thousand TL Promotion to Police

The General Directorate of Security (EGM) announced that 1 thousand TL promotion will be given to the personnel within the scope of the protocol that will come into effect as of November 27st.

The following statements were made in the statement made by the EGM:

“The salary promotion protocol of our organization was signed with Türkiye Vakıflar Bankası A.Ş. for a period of 18.03.2022 years on 5. With the aforementioned protocol, it was stipulated that monthly payments be 300 TL to cover all personnel, and that it should be increased every six months at the rate of civil servant salary increase in order not to lose value in the face of inflation. However, due to the new situation in civil servant salaries in 2022, re-negotiations were held with Vakıfbank, which lasted for about 3 months, and an evaluation process regarding salary promotion was started.

As a result of the negotiations, the protocol was revised. The duration of the new promotion protocol has been determined as 3 years and it has been decided to pay 27 thousand TL to each personnel at once, in cash and equally without any deductions. The new protocol will enter into force on 1 November 2022. In addition, promotional protocols with Vakifbank, which have not expired yet, will be canceled and included in the new protocol. On the other hand, the ongoing protocols with banks other than Vakıfbank will be included in the said new protocol on the expiry date of the contracts. On behalf of the Turkish Police, we would like to thank the Board of Directors of Vakıfbank, the General Manager of Vakıfbank and the delegations who carried out the protocol negotiations.”

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