İzmir Kınık Climbing Race Attracted Great Interest

Izmir Kinik Climbing Race Aroused Great Interest
İzmir Kınık Climbing Race Attracted Great Interest

İzmir Kınık Climbing Race, which was included in the AVIS 2022 Turkey Climbing Championship, which was organized by İzmir Motorsports and Automobile Club (İMOK) with the contributions of Kınık Municipality and Yaşaroğlu Automotive with the main sponsorship of ICRYPEX, attracted great attention.

At the end of the race, which was run as three exits on the 5,8-kilometer Köseler road, İlker Aktaş from the Ülkü Motorsport team came first in Category 1 with the Opel Corsa GSI, while Sevcan Sağıroğlu came second with the Ford Fiesta R1. In category 2, Ford Fiesta R2T and Cem Yudulmaz from Ülkü Motorsport were the fastest names of the day, while Kaan Kara with Opel Corsa GSI from the same team took the second place and Çiğdem Tümerkan with Citroen Saxo VTS took the third place.

Ahmet Keskin, who competed with Opel Corsa OPC on behalf of Neo Motorspor in Category 3, continued his first streak in İzmir, while Kemal Gürsoy, who competed for Opel Corsa OPC for Ülkü Motorsport, won the second place and Eda Soylu from Neo Motorspor with Opel Corsa OPC won the third place. In Category 4, with Mitsubishi Lancer EVO IX, Selim Bacıoğlu from GP Garage My Team won first place and recorded the best time of the day. In this category, Mitsubishi Lancer EVO IX and Sinan Soylu from GP Garage My Team finished the day in second place, while Ümit Ülkü from Ülkü Motorsport took third place with his Opel Corsa OPC.

While Ülkü Motorsport was the team winner of the race, Opel Corsa OPC and Eda Soylu took the first place, Ford Fiesta R5 and Sevcan Sağıroğlu took the second place and Citroen Saxo VTS and Çiğdem Tümerkan came third in the women's classification in which 1 female athletes took part.

AVIS 2022 Turkey Climbing Championship will continue with the sixth leg race to be organized by Istanbul Automobile Sports Club (İSOK) on October 01-02.

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