International Adana Flavor Festival Begins on 7-8-9 October

International Adana Flavor Festival Begins in October
International Adana Flavor Festival Begins on October 7-8-9

Adana, which has become the indispensable stop of the gastronomy world with its geographical, historical and cultural richness, is preparing for a great meeting of tastes once again. The International Adana Flavor Festival will host flavor lovers on October 7-8-9, while shedding light on Adana's culinary heritage with its conferences and special events.

The main theme of Turkey's largest and most delicious festival, the International Adana Taste Festival, which will be held on an area of ​​6 decares in Adana Merkez Park for the 180th time this year, has been announced as “Heritage from the Past to the Future: Cuisine”.

Dr. Süleyman Elban: “Adana has become a city of festivals”

Adana Governor Dr. In his speech, Süleyman Elban said: “Adana has recently become a city of festivals with the Orange Blossom Carnival and Flavor Festival. The most important reasons why Adana has become a city of festivals are that Adana has very warm people and our people have a very special culture that knows how to experience the festival, adapts immediately to the festival environment, knows how to have fun, is friendly and hospitable. At the same time, it is a city with very special tastes from food to dessert, from street flavors to drinks.”

Zeydan Karalar: “Adana, the table of civilizations and cultures”

Adana Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Zeydan Karalar started his speech by greeting the guests and stated that Adana has a very rich culture and characteristics. President Zeydan Karalar said, “Apart from its very important features, Adana is a city of flavors. My city Adana, which transforms food into art as the carriers of rich culture, is the carrier of this flavor culture. While carrying this legacy, we add entertainment and turn it into festivals.” said.

Ebru Koralı: “We have prepared a strong program that will deal with Adana gastronomy from many aspects”

Adana Taste Festival Content Coordinator Ebru Koralı said in her speech at the meeting: “80% of the visitors in gastronomy tourism give importance to gastronomy culture when choosing a destination. At this point, Adana; In addition to its geographical, historical and cultural richness, it also has a unique natural resource due to its unique flavor synthesis. It is our primary duty to carry the legacy of this source into the future.” said.

Haluk Özsevim: “All city dynamics took action for a festival befitting Adana”

Adana Flavor Festival Organizer Haluk Özsevim stated that they will be in front of the guests with a festival befitting Adana and said the following: will sign. In addition to our strong content, we believe that the festival made a serious contribution to Adana, with the Gastro Taste Stage, Young Chefs Competition, and various concerts and shows. The increasing interest in the festival every year is the most important indicator of this.”

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