Lifeline for Izmir Economy with IEF and Terra Madre

Life Water for Izmir Economy with IEF and Terra Madre
Lifeline for Izmir Economy with IEF and Terra Madre

Izmir is experiencing the excitement of a double fair. Bringing the commercial and cultural memory of the city to the present, Izmir International Fair will open its doors for the 2st time on September 11-91, and will host the international gastronomy fair Terra Madre Anadolu. Thanks to the fairs that will be a lever in the economy of the city, the occupancy of the hotels has reached one hundred percent. It gave morale boost to everyone from taxi drivers to hoteliers, from restaurants to Kemeraltı shopkeepers.

The 91st İzmir International Fair and the international gastronomy fair “Terra Madre Anadolu”, organized by İZFAŞ and hosted by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, are opening its doors today. The arrival of domestic and foreign participants to İzmir for the two fairs made the tradesmen smile.

“Craftsmen make fairs beautiful”

Zekeriya Mutlu, President of İzmir Union of Chambers of Craftsmen and Craftsmen (IESOB), said that the tradesmen of the city are eagerly waiting for the fairs and said, “The fairs increase our business volume. It has a positive effect on sectors such as accommodation, transportation and food and beverage. We are also very pleased that İzmir International Fair and Terra Madre Anadolu are together this year. Tunç President gave special importance to the presence of tradesmen at the fairs. This is really important. Tradesmen have a great responsibility to promote the city, especially in gastronomy fairs. We are ready to do our duty,” he said.

Hotel occupancy is 100 percent.

Mehmet İşler, President of the Aegean Touristic Enterprises and Accommodation Association (ETIK) and Vice President of the Turkish Hoteliers Federation (TÜROFED), mentioned the importance of IEF in urban tourism and said, “Izmir has come to a position that is known for its brand value with its simultaneous organization with the Terra Madre Anadolu fair this year. Domestic and foreign guests show great interest. In this period when the summer season in tourism is over, our fairs will give serious support to 54 sub-sectors as well as hotels and touristic businesses. Currently, our hotels from Çeşme to Dikili have reached XNUMX% occupancy. We also achieved occupancy in our city hotels thanks to the fairs. At the end of the summer season, the face of the tourism operator smiled with the abundance of IEF. I wish that similar fairs and congresses will continue to increase in Izmir, which is taking firm steps towards becoming a city of fairs and congresses.”

“Restaurant shopkeepers of Izmir will win at Terra Madre”

Stating that the restaurant tradesmen are waiting for the Terra Madre Anatolian fair, the President of the Izmir Chamber of Restaurants and Casino Shops, Doğan Kılıç, said, “Our Bronze President gave the Izmir flavors stands, which will take place in Terra Madre, in these difficult days of the tradesmen, to the restaurants registered to our chamber. Izmir's restaurateurs will win at Terra Madre. We are also excited to be holding such a large, world-renowned fair in Izmir for the first time. We expect a very high participation from abroad and from other provinces. I wish all İzmir, especially our tradesmen, to be profitable”.

25 percent difference to the business of taxi driver tradesmen with fairs

Taxi drivers, who have difficulty in staying afloat due to fuel price hikes, will play an important role in urban transportation throughout the fairs. Celil Anık, President of Izmir Chamber of Drivers and Automobile Tradesmen, said, “The fairs both in Kültürpark and in Fuar Izmir provide us with great advantages every year. It makes a 25% difference to our business. İzmir International Fair is also organized with a different enthusiasm this year. I would like to thank our President Tunç very much.”

“Fairs contribute to Kemeraltı tradesmen”

Historical Kemeraltı Tradesmen Association President Semih Girgin stated that Izmir International Fair has contributed to Kemeraltı tradesmen for a long time and said, “We expect a lot of tourists to come to explore Izmir with the Terra Madre Anadolu Fair this year. We invite all our guests who come to İzmir to embrace Kemeraltı.”

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