'Fancy Women's Cycling Tour' Held in Mersin

A 'Quiet Women's Cycling Tour was Held in Mersin'
'Fancy Women's Cycling Tour' Held in Mersin

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality is spending the "European Mobility Week" with full of activities. Awareness-raising and awareness-raising activities are held during the week, in which it is aimed to increase the use of bicycles and pedestrian paths, and to encourage citizens to travel with alternative transportation methods instead of motor vehicles.

Within the scope of the week, the 'Fancy Women's Cycling Tour' was organized with the contributions of the Metropolitan Municipality. Cycling along the beach in their colorful outfits, women pedaled for a sustainable and active transportation awareness.

Pedals turned for clean transport

Within the scope of the week, which was organized with the aim of increasing bicycle paths, construction of bicycle parking areas, development of green areas, increasing disabled ramps, increasing the habit of traveling with public transportation and accordingly reducing the carbon emission rate, creating incentives and awareness in bicycle and pedestrian transportation, it was aimed to bring bicycle transportation to the fore. . Women from Mersin gathered at Yenişehir Uğur Mumcu Park, which is the starting point, with their decorated bicycles and colorful outfits for the 'Fancy Women's Cycling Tour', which is organized every year. their bikes; Hundreds of cyclists decorated with banners that read 'Recognize the Cyclists, Share the Road', 'If Women Take the Streets, the World Changes', 'Cycling is the Right', 'Perfume Smell Against Exhaust Smell', pedal to the ancient city of Soli Pompeiopolis on the 9,4-kilometer route. turned it.

The women who reached Soli Pompeipolis on their bicycles were greeted by the City Orchestra of the Metropolitan Municipality Culture and Social Affairs Department. The participants, who took a break in Soli Pompeipolis, the last point of the route, both rested and enjoyed the concert in the atmosphere accompanying history.

Within the scope of the event, producer women's stands were also opened in the Ancient City of Soli Pompeiopolis within the scope of the Metropolitan Municipality Women and Family Services Department. The women came together for the importance of the week and also exhibited their handcrafted products and offered them for sale.

“We are participating in this event to raise awareness of cycling”

Class Teacher Süheyla Yüksel, who participated in the Fancy Women's Cycling Tour, said, “I am in the Mersin Women's Cycling Group. We work with our friends on the same platform. We participate in this event to create awareness of cycling. Today, it is celebrated simultaneously in 42 countries and in 200 cities in Turkey. Mersin Metropolitan Municipality provides great support, we thank them. They both contribute and have greatly expanded our bike lanes,” she said.

Teenagers ride skateboards and roller skates in Skate Park

Another stopping point within the scope of the activities on the same day was the scooter, skating and skateboarding festival held in the Skate Park within the Culture Park under the coordination of the Metropolitan Municipality Youth and Sports Services Department. Young people presented a visual feast in the Skate Park, which was introduced for safe driving in the fields of skateboarding, skating and acrobatics, which young people showed great interest in recent years.

Former Mountain Bike National Athlete Metin Yıldız said, “All of the young people you see here are young people who do sports in the Skate Park, which we use as a team. We are here for the 16-22 September European Mobility week. I would like to thank our President Vahap Seçer for bringing young people together in such an activity.”

“We needed events like this”

Yusuf Hacıoğlu, one of the young people who came together in Skate Park, said, “It was a very good event. We needed such events for a long time. Everyone is having fun at such events, we gather here. School is stressed, exams are approaching. We gather here, we relieve our stress, we skateboard, we improve ourselves. Thank you very much to Uncle Vahap”.

Mehmet Yılmaz said, “I have been skating for 12 years. We are professional skaters. I would like to thank our Vahap President for this event. We are very happy and happy,” he said.

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