How Mosquito Bite Itch Relieves? What Relieves Mosquito Bite Itching?

How Mosquito Bite Itch Relieves Mosquito Bite Itching
How to Relieve Mosquito Bite Itching

Although they are small and short-lived, mosquitoes, which cause quite disturbing effects especially in the summer months, are animals from the group of winged insects that need attention. Although its primary preference among feeding routes is the water and extracts of flowers and plants, especially female mosquitoes also need blood to reproduce. It is also very effective in the emergence of some important diseases such as mosquito bites, malaria, West Nile Fever, which cause adverse conditions such as itching, redness and swelling. Before consulting a doctor, it is important to know if you have a systemic allergy to mosquito bites. For a normal responsive metabolism, simple home remedies are sufficient for the bite area to heal spontaneously in a short time.

Mosquito Bite Allergy

Mosquito bite allergy, which is more effective especially in people with an allergic nature and low immunity, occurs when the insect inserts a needle under the skin to suck the blood at the place where it is placed. Although there are different types of mosquitoes, the feature common to all species is the fact that only female mosquitoes bite. 30 different types of proteins found in the saliva of the mosquito as much as its sting activate the body's allergic reaction system. As a result of this reaction, 2-10 mm in the bitten place. Large, reddened and occasionally waterlogged swellings occur. The swelling and redness caused by the bites sometimes disappear within 36 hours. This period may be prolonged in people whose immune system is not strong, and an allergic reaction may lead to more serious health problems.

Why Does a Mosquito Bite Itch?

When female mosquitoes begin to pierce the skin, they begin to secrete a protein-laden saliva to numb the area where they will suck blood and prevent blood from clotting. These secretions, which are tried to be destroyed by the body's immune system, cause itching and swelling after a certain time. Along with the blood-sucking process, the mosquito begins to suck this saliva back as well. It is observed that the itching decreases as the amount of blood sucked by the fly increases. Excessive swelling and itching of mosquito bites are healed more quickly thanks to the special gels to be applied on it. It is important that alcohol-containing substances such as perfume and cologne do not come into contact with the itching area, so that mosquito bites do not turn into stains. However, this type of liquid creates a refreshing effect for a short time with the cooling effect it creates in the area where it is applied.

Mosquito Bite Infection Symptoms

Although mosquito bites are considered as an insignificant and ordinary situation encountered in every summer season, they can cause serious infections; It can even lead to consequences that can lead to death. Especially frequent travelers, people working in open areas and individuals with low immunity may be more exposed to infections caused by mosquito bites. The average incubation period after the mosquito bite occurs is between 2-6 days. At the end of this period, symptoms such as diarrhea, joint pain, vomiting, headaches and body rashes may be encountered. People with serious chronic conditions such as cancer, diabetes, hypertension and kidney disease have been shown to show more serious signs of infection. Among these symptoms, which can be grouped as neurological disease symptoms, symptoms such as high fever, headache, neck stiffness, concentration disorder, coma, tremors and paralysis can be listed. In cases where one or more of these symptoms occur, it is necessary to consult a specialist doctor without wasting time.

How Mosquito Bite Passes?

Although applying cologne to the area where the bite causes swelling and redness is one of the most known methods, it is more correct not to touch the place where mosquitoes and insects bite with such substances. Washing the area bitten by the fly with white soapy water and then applying oxygenated water, salt water or lemon is effective to relieve itching more quickly and prevent swelling. However, in severe cases, the drugs prescribed by the doctor should be used. Again, gel and cream preparations, which are among the known mosquito bite treatment methods and that you can easily apply at home, can also be used easily in mosquito bites.

How Many Days Does a Mosquito Bite Last?

Allergic symptoms such as redness and swelling caused by mosquito bites and deformations such as bleeding and rot disappear spontaneously within 12-36 hours. Scratching the bumps at the site of mosquito bites can cause skin scratches and bleeding. Infection from an open wound by catching a germ can further prolong the healing time. Therefore, no matter how strong the itching sensation is, compressing the bitten area with natural products such as ice, lemon, salt water without scratching the area, keeping the swollen and reddened area clean and waiting for it to heal will give faster results. Applying substances such as vinegar and toothpaste to the mosquito bite area, which is widely known among the public, is definitely a wrong practice. Absolute avoidance of such applications is important for skin health.

What Is Good For Mosquito Bites?

What is good for mosquito bite itch? To eliminate this problem and the uncomfortable effect of mosquito bites, you can use simple materials available at home.

  • By not throwing away the tea bags you drink and keeping them in the refrigerator, you can evaluate them as both a cooling and relieving itching method in mosquito bites.
  • You can tear off a piece of the leaves of the aloe vera flowers you grow at home and apply the natural gel inside to the area where the allergic reaction occurs.
  • You can apply crushed garlic, which you can dilute with natural oils such as coconut, on the reddened and itchy area. The antiviral effect of garlic contributes to both disinfecting the area where the fly bites and healing faster.
  • To eliminate the itching and allergic effects of mosquito bites, you can take advantage of the basil plant. Rubbing the swollen area with a pinch of basil leaves will provide both a refreshing and relaxing effect.
  • You can also turn oatmeal, which is known to have a soothing effect against insect bites, into mush with a little water and apply it as a mask to the bitten area. After waiting for a while, you can wash it off and apply a suitable moisturizer to your skin.

Fly Bites in Babies

The immune systems of young children and newborn babies are not yet sufficiently developed. Therefore, mosquito bites can cause significant health problems. In infants with systemic allergic reactions, blood and skin allergy tests contribute significantly to the diagnosis. However, it cannot be said that these tests clearly show the allergy. For infants and children who have a high reaction to mosquito bites, it would be a good practice to conduct a detailed immune system study. It is very important to protect babies from mosquitoes and other insects until their immune system develops. Mosquito nets can be used to cover the top and sides of the bed to provide protection during sleep. However, there are protective spray drugs that can be used for babies older than 2 months. Wearing long-sleeved and mosquito-proof clothing is also beneficial for the protection of the baby. If there are areas such as ponds or greenery around the place where you live, it would be beneficial to move away from this area or, if possible, to eliminate these formations.

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