'European Mobility Week' Activities Started in Ankara

European Mobility Week Activities Started in Ankara
'European Mobility Week' Activities Started in Ankara

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality celebrates the "European Mobility Week", which was held all over the world between 16-22 September with the support of the European Delegation to Turkey, with various activities. The activities, which started with a talk on “The Role of Cycling in Climate Change”, continued throughout the weekend. Bahçelievler 7th Street hosted many events from walking to cycling for children, from yoga to dance performances, from performances of street artists to concerts.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality EGO General Directorate is hosting a series of events in order to raise awareness that the bicycle is an effective and healthy means of transportation, due to the European Mobility Week covering 16-22 September.

Capital residents show great interest in the events specially prepared for the "European Mobility Week", which is celebrated all over the world with the motto of "Continue by Diversifying" with the support of the European Turkey Delegation.


The first of the “European Mobility Week” events was held at the Bicycle Campus in Batıkent. Gazi University City and Regional Planning Department Vice President Assoc. Dr. Bahar Yenigül's talk on “The Role of Cycling in Climate Change” was broadcast live on ABB TV.

The General Directorate of EGO brought together the citizens of the capital city with an event called “Youth and Young People Walk Together” in Victory Park on August 30. Bilkent University students of 20, who are carrying out the Social Awareness Project, and members of the Elderly Information Access Center affiliated to Ankara Metropolitan Municipality were brought to the event area by EGO bus. Citizens who walked in the park for about 30 minutes enjoyed the fresh air.

In addition, the “Driving Festival for Children” event was held. Within the scope of the event, the children of Başkent took their pedals on the 1,5-kilometer bicycle path from Adnan Ötüken Park to Anıtpark. The children had a fun day at the event organized by the EGO General Directorate in order to ensure that cycling at a young age becomes a habit. As part of the event, windmills and hats were given as gifts to the children, while the theater play “Tell Me a Fairy Tale” by Başkent Theaters was staged in Anıtpark.

Toprak Aygün, who rode her bike to the fullest at the event, said, “Cycling is a lot of fun. While driving, it harms the environment. Fatma Zahide Taşdelen said, “I had a lot of fun at this event. Cycling is a very enjoyable activity” and expressed their satisfaction with the event.


While Ashgabat Street, formerly Bahçelievler 7th Street, was closed to vehicle traffic for one day as part of the 'Car-Free Sunday' event, a 'Great Ankara Tour' was organized to Ashgabat Street in front of the Kızılay AVM. Heads; Head of EU Delegation to Turkey Ambassador Nikolaus Meyer-Landrut, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Faruk Kaymakçı, Ankara Cycling City Council members attended.

While the Fancy Women's Cycling Tour, organized under the leadership of women, took place with great participation, many activities took place from street artists to yoga, from the Urban Orchestra to dance performances on Bahçeli 7th Street throughout the day. Alpago Aydın concert and DJ Orçun performance accompanied the activities that lasted throughout the day.


As part of the European Mobility Week events, one of the popular names of rap music, Ceza met with his fans at the concert held in Anıtpark.

Citizens who came to listen to the concert of Ceza, who sang his favorite songs for the people of the Capital, thanked the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality and said:

Goktug Kaya: "I'm so excited. I would like to thank the President Mansur.”

Ali Atabek: “My fourth Punishment concert. I came from Eskişehir.”

Nazim Guldogan: “I am very excited and happy. 5 people came. Greetings to Mansur President.”

Yusuf Dursun: “We love Punishment. We would like to thank our President Mansur for giving us this opportunity. We are very happy, very excited.”

Efe Gurbuz: “We thank Mansur President very much. I came with my friend. We've been here since morning, waiting in the front row."

Aylin Dogan: "We are very happy. We are fans of Ceza, we have been listening to it since we were little. I came with my friend.”

Pearl Coil: "I'm so excited. It was a concert I had been waiting for for a long time. It is very good for Ankara to have such concerts.”

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