ESTRAM Warns Against Online Balance Charge Scams

ESTRAM Warns Against Online Balance Loading Scams
ESTRAM Warns Against Online Balance Charge Scams

Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality has called for caution against the person or persons who create a fake website and defraud citizens by imitating ESTRAM's online balance loading process.

Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality has informed the public by making a statement on the complaints from the citizens in recent days. In the statement made, in the examination made on the complaints of the citizens that they have been victims of fake sites about loading their Eskarts in the last period; It was stated that the internet address has absolutely nothing to do with the Metropolitan Municipality and ESTRAM. ESTRAM's use of citizens in public transportation It was stated that it is possible to load Eskart balance from the address or mobile application, and it is necessary to be careful not to be a victim of such fake websites. It has been reported that ESTRAM has initiated the necessary legal proceedings regarding the issue.

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