Erciyes Astrophotography Workshop Held

Erciyes Astrophotography Workshop Held
Erciyes Astrophotography Workshop Held

Astrophoto enthusiasts came together at Erciyes Astrophotography Workshop to take the most beautiful sky photos in Erciyes. Photographer Nihat Coşkun Poturnak said that he took the most comfortable night photo ever in Erciyes.

Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality Erciyes A.Ş. Erciyes Astrophotography Workshop was organized in cooperation with Sureti Alem Cinema and Photography Art Association. The program, attended by both professional photographers and those who want to improve themselves in this field, was carried out theoretically and practically.

The workshop, given by astrophotographer Nihat Coşkun Poturnak, was held at Hunat Culture and Art Center and Erciyes Mountain. In the workshop, general information about basic astrophotography techniques and processing methods was given. The master photographer, who shared his experiences with the participants, explained the tricks of taking the best night photos.

In the workshop where theory trainings are held during the day, applied photographs were taken at the Erciyes Ski Center, the highest point of Kayseri, at Hacılar Kapı, at 2 meters, away from light pollution, under the stars. The trainees took beautiful sky photos, taking into account how to take night photos and what not to do in Erciyes.

Poturnak: “Erciyes offers photographers incredible opportunities and beauties”

Talking about the workshop, photographer Nihat Coşkun Poturnak said “Erciyes is a magnificent mountain. This is a location that should definitely be photographed in detail. It offers photographers incredible opportunities and beauties. I took the most comfortable night photograph I've ever taken on Mount Erciyes. Both transportation and facilities made these shoots incredibly comfortable. I will definitely visit this place again and spend more time. Erciyes A.Ş. for their invitation and hospitality. and Sureti Alem Photography Association”.

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