EGO Buses, Ankaray and Metro Expeditions Switch to Winter Schedule

EGO Buses Switching to Winter Schedule for Ankaray and Metro Expeditions
EGO Buses, Ankaray and Metro Expeditions Switch to Winter Schedule

As of Monday, September 2022, when the 2023-12 academic year will begin, the number of trips of the vehicles has been increased, and detailed cleaning and maintenance work has been carried out on the vehicles so that citizens and students do not suffer.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues its works without slowing down to provide a safe, comfortable and more economical transportation to the citizens of the Capital.

EGO General Directorate starts the winter program in service planning due to the start of the 12-2022 academic year on Monday, September 2023, in public transportation vehicles.


Due to the start of the 2022-2023 academic year, EGO General Directorate will increase the number of flights by switching to the winter service program as of Monday, September 12, so that citizens and students do not experience difficulties in transportation.

In the winter work program; A total of 433 expeditions will be organized on 345 lines with a total of 9 vehicles. While 38 vehicles in 2019, 1304 vehicles in 2020 and 1167 vehicles in 2021 were served in Ankara, 1275 public transportation vehicles will serve the residents of the Capital this year.

Başkent residents who want to get information about the current departure times and route information of the buses and the winter service hours of the rail systems (Ankaray and Metro) will be able to access the necessary information from the EGO CEP application and the website of the EGO General Directorate as of 11 on Sunday, 24.00 September.


EGO General Manager Nihat Alkaş stated that they have expanded their transportation fleet by purchasing 2013 new buses to Ankara, where buses have not been purchased since 394 and where there is great transportation problem.

“As EGO General Directorate, we have completed all our preparations for public transportation services. The last bus was purchased in Ankara in 2013. While Ankara's population was 2013 million in 5, the number of buses belonging to the EGO General Directorate was 1941. When we come to 2019, the population of Ankara has reached 5 million 600 thousand people, but the number of buses has decreased to 1547. In order to solve the transportation problem in Ankara, 394 new buses were purchased. As a result of the inclusion of 69 of these vehicles in the fleet and the scrapping of the ones that have completed their economic life, the number of vehicles in our fleet increased to 2022 as of September 1838. As of Monday, September 12, 345 vehicles on our 1433 lines will switch to the winter work program, with 9 thousand 38 flights. When we look at the past years, service plans were made with 2019 vehicles in 1304, 2020 vehicles in 1167 and 2021 vehicles in 1275. Today, the fact that we are planning service with 1433 vehicles shows that we have come a long way in public transportation compared to previous years. In addition to vehicle purchases, our preparations for the 2022-2023 winter period have been completed by employing new driver personnel.”


Alkaş, who visited the maintenance workshops with his team to examine the work done before the winter working period, and traveled with the citizens on the subway, gave the following information about the winter working period to be applied in the rail systems:

“Winter period tariffs will also be applied in our Ankaray and Metro businesses. With these tariffs, the number of voyages will increase and service will be provided with shorter service intervals. On the M1-M2-M3 lines, during the summer period, service will be provided with 34 trains with a 5-minute service interval during the weekdays peak hours, while in the winter period, service will be provided with 40 trains with a 4-minute service interval. On the M4 line, it will serve with 6 trains with a 6-minute service interval during the peak hours on weekdays during the summer period, while it will serve with 7 trains with a 5-minute service interval in the winter period schedule.

Alkaş, who also gave information about the ground improvement works carried out in the section of Ankara Metro Batıkent-Sincan Line (M3) between Istanbul Road and Botanic Stations, stated that they took all kinds of measures to prevent citizens from being victimized during the working period and said, "Every measure is taken to ensure that our citizens are not victimized in transportation during the working process. receipt. The line between Batıkent and Eryaman 1-2 stations was served by 55 articulated vehicles. I would like to thank our citizens for their understanding and support during this time. The work, which was planned as 7 shifts on a 24/3 basis, was completed five days before the expected completion date of September 10, eliminating the potential risk of accident and ensuring line safety in the region.

Before the start of the academic year, EGO General Directorate teams provided detailed cleaning in both buses and rail systems, apart from the daily routine, allowing citizens and students to travel in more hygienic environments.


The discounted tariff application, which was initiated to support the transportation expenses of working citizens and to reduce the traffic density at certain hours, will continue in the winter program.

With the discounted tariff applied only between 06.00 and 06.45 in urban transportation, the full fare that will be valid in BAŞKENTRAY with the cable car, bus and rail systems (Metro-ANKARAY) belonging to the General Directorate of EGO will be charged as 6,50 TL instead of 4,50 TL.

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