Dried Fig Export Starts on October 7

Dried Fig Export Starts in October
Dried Fig Export Starts on October 7

The export journey of the dried fig, the fruit of Paradise, which is defined as the sacred fruit in all monotheistic religions and indispensable for Christmas tables, will start on Friday, October 7, 2022. Turkey has set an export target of 2022 thousand tons of dried figs in the 23/70 season.

Dried fig exporters met at the Aegean Exporters' Association to determine the date of the first ship in dried figs.

October 250, 7 has been adopted as the first export date for dried figs, which Turkey is the world leader in production and export, with an annual average return of 2022 million dollars. This date will be finalized with the approval of the Turkish Exporters Assembly and the approval of the Ministry of Commerce.

Mehmet Ali Işık, Chairman of the Board of the Aegean Dried Fruits and Products Exporters' Association, who spoke at the general assembly, said that the European Union and the United States of America came to the fore in dried fig exports, and that they brought Turkey 2021 million dollars in return for 22 thousand tons of dried fig exports in the 64/241 season. shared his knowledge.

Emphasizing that the biggest export markets are organic agriculture, food safety, sustainability and good agricultural practices, which are realized within the scope of the EU Green Agreement put forward by the European Union, Işık said, “As Aegean Exporters' Associations, we cooperate with other institutions, universities, research institutes, fig research institute, Agriculture We work to ensure sustainability in the supply chain, which starts from the farmer and extends to the shelf, through cooperation with institutions such as provincial and district organizations, stock markets, chambers of agriculture, and chambers of commerce. Dried figs are a prestige product of Turkey. Only in these lands, figs of the Sarilop variety are grown and sent to the world. We continue our sustainability efforts to feed this healthy product to the whole world in a healthy way. I wish the new season to be beneficial to all our producers and exporters.

In order to protect the image of dried figs in the world, we need to take great care in the collection, transportation and processing of the products in order to prevent the formation of Aflatoxin and Ochratoxin. If we pay attention to these issues, we believe that we will have a successful season. Our target for the 2022/23 season is to export 70 thousand tons.”

Aegean Dried Fruits and Products Exporters' Association President Mehmet Ali Işık, who defines dried figs as the queen of dried fruits, stated that they will strive to increase the consumption of dried figs, which is evaluated in the category of healthy foods by the World Health Organization, by our Turkish citizens, and that they aim especially for children and young people to gain the habit of consuming dried figs. recorded. Işık says, “Dried figs give a feeling of satiety for a long time because they contain high fiber. Thus, it helps to lose weight. It enables the digestive systems of the body to work healthier, supports bone health as it contains calcium and positively affects dental health. It strengthens the hair as well as nourishes the skin and gives shine. It balances blood pressure and reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases. It is not a coincidence that the longest and healthiest people living in Turkey are in our regions where dried fig production and consumption is intense. We will work to double our dried fig consumption, which is 5-6 thousand tons per year in Turkey. We recommend everyone to consume 2 dried figs daily.”

Ziya Aksüt, who was the Chairman of the Board at the Advisory General Assembly Meeting of the Aegean Dried Fruits and Products Exporters' Association; He called on the dried figs to gain value thanks to the work done by the fig producers and exporters under the coordination of the Aegean Exporters' Associations regarding dried figs, and called on the producers and exporters to protect the value of dried figs by acting jointly.

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