Digital Awareness and Digital Literacy

Digital Awareness and Digital Literacy
Digital Awareness and Digital Literacy

The enlightenment of a digital landscape is the valuation of market data combined with the power of artificial intelligence as composite data that fuels consumer insights. So, Are You Ready to Upgrade Your Digital Performance?

Young Entrepreneur Görkem Yalçınöz asks the above question for all companies that have set digital transformation as their target for the near future and continues: “Why is digitalization important? Because: the population is increasing and digitalization naturally increases accordingly. We can briefly summarize as follows: Approximately 10 out of 7 individuals born will buy a mobile phone, and 6 will actively use the internet and social media. A non-digitalized organization will lose market in the long run. One of the world's largest companies of German origin, which has survived for centuries, has opened a CDO position alongside CTO to show how important digitalization is. We will begin to see this in many corporate businesses now.“

Yalçınöz, who says that with the intense penetration of digitalization into our lives, the search for private space in the use of social media by individuals has increased, and emphasizes that the application called Memories®, where the principle of privacy stands out and media sharing is different from other social media, gives importance to privacy. He adds that they are a young team for Memories®, which he describes as “a social media application with a philosophy”.

“We are a great team, we are all very good in our fields. Both our internal discipline and internal motivation are high. We know that when we work together, our energies feed each other. We work together, we have fun together, we learn together.” Saying Young entrepreneur underlines that Turkey is in the top 5 in terms of social media usage. Görkem Yalçınöz, who states that his idea and software is entirely his own, adds that apart from individual users, Memories offers a brand new marketing area for companies to use.

Canada – Montreal; The young entrepreneur, who graduated from McGill University Software Engineering Department, adds that he is proud to make this investment in Turkey.

Gorkem Yalcinoz ; “Do not neglect digital transformation, young human resources will be the voluntary pioneers of your business,” he concludes.

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