Checking Site Positions in Search Engines

Checking Site Positions on Search Engines
Checking Site Positions in Search Engines

There are numerous services for tracking the positions of the website. Among them are both paid and free versions. How to navigate in the middle of these and seo tools ranking checker how to choose First of all, you need to develop your goals. If you need good visualization and easy navigation between projects, there are tools for this task. When you need mobile editing and additional tools, another will do the trick.

Free online site location analysis services

Free services for checking positions are not suitable for in-depth analysis of website promotion, because they do not save history, do not have any visualizations and are more suitable for one-time position checking. Some of those:

  • – up to 30 free checks;
  • – up to 30 keywords. Seogadget allows you to take positions on PS Google and Yandex;
  • – Allows you to receive 30 requests per day for Yandex and Google from Monday to Friday, 100 requests on weekends, and 25 requests on update days.

Search engine update (search database update) is the process of updating the databases of the search engine, as a result of which new documents are added, new links are taken into account and other parameters that affect the ranking of the site are updated. As a result, the location of the site may change, but not always.

In the context of tracking locations, this concept is mostly applied to the Yandex search engine, where updates can be made from one to three times a week. Google is constantly updated. There are several services for monitoring Yandex updates.

Paid services to check site locations

These services allow you to save the region, frequency of checks, history and have a clear visualization to remove locations. Additionally, some have a number of additional tools for the SEO professional.

The advantages of these services for checking locations include:

  • Checking positions on mobile and desktop versions.
  • Follow requests in any language in any region of the world.
  • Frequency checks and query clustering are available.
  • Automatic selection and analysis of competitors - you can follow the dynamics of positions.
  • There is usually easy integration with search engines' most common built-in tools.
  • The update is possible every day automatically, manually or after the updates of the search engines.

Paid services also allow you to diagnose sanctions, analyze links, select keywords, and analyze the title and relevance of texts.

There are no perfect solutions for everyone. However, different tools and guest blog posting services continues to evolve. Their main drawback is the lack of end-to-end analytics for project groups, which is crucial for analysis when promoting a site.

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