Çanakkale Wars Research Center Opened

Canakkale Wars Research Center Opened
Çanakkale Wars Research Center Opened

Culture and Tourism Minister Mehmet Nuri Ersoy inaugurated the Çanakkale Wars Research Center. In his speech here, Minister Ersoy said that he was honored to be the son of a nation that showed heroism in Çanakkale.

Minister Ersoy said, “After the restoration of the building was completed, written, visual and audio information, documents and documents related to the land and sea wars of Çanakkale were obtained and transferred to the center. We have taken every step to make this a very, very comprehensive research center.” said.

Stating that the epic of existence of the Turkish nation was written in Çanakkale, Ersoy continued as follows:

“We thought that a center should be established in Çanakkale to examine and research land and naval wars to the smallest detail and to transfer them to future generations in the most accurate way. We took action immediately. As a result of our consultations, our Gallipoli Historical Site Presidency expressed the opinion that the historical building, which was built in the 1800s and was used as a sanitary building in the continuation of the mansion, can be evaluated in this direction. Thereupon, we started the restoration of this historical building without wasting any time. Our Gallipoli Historical Site Presidency carried out the restoration works meticulously. After the restoration of the building was completed, written, visual and audio information, documents and documents published to date regarding the land and sea wars of Çanakkale were obtained and transferred to the center. We have taken every step to make this a very, very comprehensive research center.”

Ersoy stated that more than 5 thousand sources in Ottoman Turkish, Turkish, English, French and German languages, as well as documents related to Çanakkale in the archive of the General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre were collected at the research center, and that archives that were in the hands of very few people were also brought to this research center.

Explaining that as a result of the preparations, an environment was created where researchers could work comfortably and continue their studies, Ersoy thanked Uğural Vanthoft, Haluk Oral and Şahin Aldoğan for their efforts in acquiring the works.

“We are working hard to enrich the cultural and artistic life”

Ersoy also emphasized that they are ready to do whatever it takes to research and explain this period, which has written the heroic struggle of the Turks in golden letters in world history.

Stating that they are in Çanakkale for the Troy Cultural Road Festival, Ersoy said:

“We are working hard to enrich the cultural and artistic life of our country. More than 1000 events with the participation of more than 100 artists will meet with art lovers at the Troy Festival we held in Çanakkale. We also brought history and art together in Çanakkale. Activities will also be held in places such as Anadolu Hamidiye Bastion and Kilitbahir Castle, which are under the responsibility of Çanakkale Historical Site Presidency. Fire of Anatolia Dance Group will perform the 'Troy' show within the framework of this festival. The 3 tenor concerts at the Troy Museum will be one of the concerts not to be missed. Foreign tour operators from 6 countries will perform the memory dive. Navigational Aids and Sea Charts Exhibition will be presented to art lovers. I recommend everyone to go to the 57th Regimental Symphony. Then, the bicycle platform will reach the ancient city of Troy by pedaling 35 kilometers with the title 'The Iron Horsemen of the Wind Rides to Troy'. We have also planned beautiful activities for our children. Joyful Shoes, Magic Hats Workshop, Evolution Meter and Fairy Tale Theater are the first events that come to my mind. More than 6 artists will take part in more than 1000 events at the Beyoğlu Culture Road Festival, which we will hold in October. In the festival we will hold in the capital, more than 5 thousand of our artists will meet art lovers with more than 500 events.”

Stating that they will also organize festivals in Diyarbakır and Konya, Ersoy noted that they will organize the Diyarbakır Sur Culture Road Festival, the first of which will be held, on 8-16 October and that more than 2 artists will take part in more than 500 events.

Minister Ersoy also said that master artists from Spain, Germany, India, Egypt, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Iran and Turkey, which have a special place in the international music scene, can be watched at the Mystic Music Festival in Konya.

Stating that they added İzmir to their festival stops, Ersoy said, “We will complete the restoration of İzmir Alsancak Tekel Factory Culture-Art Complex and make it one of the main stops of the festival. We also added our Adana to the festival stops. Under the auspices of the ministry, we will make the Orange Blossom Carnival, held in Adana, in a much longer time and with broad participation. As part of our efforts to bring our history and art together, we have added this precious center to the Troy Cultural Road Festival. As part of the festival, the Calligraphy Exhibition for the Martyrs of Çanakkale, the Turkish Miniature Art in the Light of Gazavatnames and the Victory of Anafartalar Exhibition, and the 1915 Orders, Reports, Memories, Range to Lead, Courage to Soldier Exhibition will be held here.” he said.

Ersoy thanked those who contributed to the opening of the center and stated that he commemorated all the heroes of the National Struggle, especially Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, with mercy and gratitude.

“There will be hundreds of events in many of our districts in Çanakkale”

AK Party Group Deputy Chairman Bülent Turan stated that Çanakkale is the land of martyrs.

Noting that Çanakkale is assertive in many areas such as history, tourism, industry and forest, Turan said, “After the infrastructures have been largely dissolved and there is no excuse for transportation, we are working as hard as we can to make our region a cultural city depending on the mobility. Today, we are taking one of the most precious steps of being a city of culture. Under the leadership of our Ministry, there will be hundreds of events in many districts of Çanakkale for ten days. Thanks to our ministry, we will be able to watch these opportunities that our people and art lovers get by paying huge fees from time to time, for ten days in Çanakkale.” used the phrases.

Before the opening of the center, Minister Ersoy and his entourage visited the “Ottoman Naval Charts Navigational Aids Exhibition” opened in Çanakkale Naval Museum Muavenet‐i Milliye Exhibition Hall and got information about the works.

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