Breathtaking Exercise at Diyarbakir Airport

Drill on CBRN Incidents Held at Diyarbakir Airport
A Drill Against CBRN Incidents Held at Diyarbakir Airport

At Diyarbakir airport, with the cooperation of AFAD, DHM, Police, 112 Emergency Service, the exercise of the scenario, which does not look like a movie scene, was successfully carried out with the joint coordination for the measures to be taken in CBRN (Chemical, biological, radiological nuclear) incidents.

The person, who has psychological problems due to the scenario in the exercise, decides to realize his dreams of hijacking and becoming famous, which he thought before but did not dare to fulfill, being influenced by the movie "Red skies" he watched. He said to his younger brother, “You will see me on all the news tomorrow. Your brother will be very famous”, hugging him tightly, leaving the house and coming to the Diyarbakir airport domestic terminal, the person trying to pass at the first call point attracts the attention of the officer in charge. The person has a 1-liter coke bottle in his hand and nervously passes the first call point and after completing the check-in process, he heads for the second call point.

But he encounters a situation that he never expected and could not calculate. The security guards say that they can't get liquid from there, and the person who hears this starts to panic. The person, who is even more panicked when the police officer turns towards him, draws all the attention on him as he starts running. Seeing that the people around him were looking at him, the person fled by throwing the coke bottle in his hand on the ground, and the state airport security and security personnel put the security procedures into practice and started the drill with the bad smell that emerged. While the person was neutralized as a result of the intervention of the security forces, Diyarbakır AFAD teams intervened in the hazardous material thrown against the Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear threats.

In the exercise, 1 CBRN (Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear) decontamination truck affiliated to Diyarbakır provincial AFAD directorate, 1 light search and rescue vehicle, 2 airport fire trucks, 1 personnel transportation vehicle, 1 ambulance, 38 from AFAD, 50 from the state airport, Diyarbakır Provincial Security Directorate 20, 30 from private security personnel, 30 from air rescue and firefighting, and health personnel attended.

The situation returned to normal after the security measures were increased and measurements and examinations were made to see if there were other CBRN threats at the airport, and the threat was eliminated. The exercise, which was carried out by 168 people and did not look like a movie scene, ended successfully.


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