Bosphorus Cup is in Istanbul for the 21st Time

Bosphorus Cup is in Istanbul for the th time
Bosphorus Cup is in Istanbul for the 21st Time

Bosphorus Cup, one of Turkey's most important sailing organizations, will be held between 22-25 September this year. The Bosphorus stage of the organization, which will be held with the support of IMM, awaits sailing lovers on September 24. Istanbulites will be able to follow the races from the monitoring point established by the IMM in Arnavutköy Akinti Burnu.

Bosphorus Cup, one of the biggest sports organizations of our country, is meeting with sailing lovers for the 21st time this year. ISPARK, a subsidiary of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, is among the sponsors of the Bosphorus Cup, which will take place on September 22-25 with the slogan of “Istanbul is Sailing”. Bosphorus Cup foreign guests will be able to moor their boats free of charge at ISPARK's Istmarin (Istinye-Tarabya) between 19-26 September.


It will take place in 8 different categories, including IRC, ORC, recreational boats and sportive boats.

10 foreign competitors from 400 different countries will participate in the Bosphorus Cup. A total of 900 domestic and foreign athletes will take part in the organization where the İstmarin Special Cup will also be given.

The 21st year competition of the Bosphorus Cup will start as training and buoy races (Upwind-Leeward Race) on Thursday, September 22 in Caddebostan Region, and will take place on the Caddebostan-Prince Islands-Kalamış route on Friday, September 23. The Bosphorus stage of the Bosphorus Cup race, named after the Bosphorus, will take place on Saturday, September 24, in the Bosphorus. The last day of this magnificent competition, in which dozens of sailboats will compete to lift the trophy, will take place again on Sunday, September 25, off Caddebostan.

Istanbulites will be able to watch the races from the viewing points established in Arnavutköy Akıntı Point by İstmarin, an organization of the İBB.


This year, the İSPARK team will also take part in the companies race on the Golden Horn of the Bosphorus Cup, a competition to be followed by sailing lovers from all over the world. The İSPARK team, which will take part in the BC Corporate race to be held in the deep blue waters of the Golden Horn, will have a unique experience.

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