'The Pergamon Oratorio: Tears of the Altar' Makes its World Premiere on September 20

Pergamon Oratorio Tears of the Altar Makes its World Premiere in September
'The Pergamon Oratorio Tears of the Altar' Makes its World Premiere on September 20

Continuing its efforts to bring the Altar of Zeus to its homeland, Bergama, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality is accelerating its steps to mobilize the world public opinion. The Pergamon Oratorio “Tears of the Altar”, composed in reference to the Altar of Zeus, will have its world premiere at the Bergama Asklepion Antique Theater on September 20.

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor, who said that the demand to bring the Zeus Altar back can be met when the deep-rooted heritage of Bergama is explained to the whole world correctly. Tunç Soyertook an important step to mobilize the universal power of art. Composed by composer and conductor Tolga Taviş, inspired by two poems written in English by Suat Çağlayan, the 1869st Term İzmir Deputy and former Minister of Culture, referring to the Zeus Altar, which was smuggled abroad from the Ancient City of Bergama through illegal excavations between 1878-21. The Pergamon Oratorio “Tears of the Altar”, the libretto of which was written by Gülümden Alev Kahraman, the dramaturg of the General Directorate of Ballet and Ballet, will have its world premiere on September 20 at 19.30. The work will be presented by the famous actor Hakan Gerçek, accompanied by the Ahmed Adnan Saygun Symphony Orchestra and Chorus. As soloists, Eylem Demirhan Duru (Soprano), Ferda Yetişer (Mezzo Soprano), Erdem Erdoğan (Tenor) and Engin Suna (Bass) will take the stage. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor attended the concert to be held at Bergama Asklepion Ancient Theatre. Tunç Soyer will also attend.

The piece, for which Izmir Metropolitan Municipality owns all the rights as its own project, will be able to be performed all over the world thanks to its polyphonic form. The duration of the work is 55 minutes.

There is a shuttle to Bergama

For those who want to watch the Bergama Oratorio, 16.00 shuttle vehicles with 46 people will be removed by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality at 4 in front of the Sabancı Cultural Center. Reservations will not be made for service vehicles.

On display at the Pergamon (Bergama) Museum

Pergamon Altar of Zeus or Zeus Altar, which was included in the World Cultural Heritage list in 2014, was built by the Attalos Dynasty, which ruled the Pergamon Kingdom, in the BC. It was built in the 2nd century. The frescoes on the marble coating inside and outside are considered among the most important works of art history. The remains of this magnificent building were taken to Germany in the 1870s. Today, it is exhibited in the Pergamon (Bergama) Museum in Berlin. Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç Soyer On February 25, 2021, a well-attended meeting was held at the Bergama Cultural Center to determine the roadmap for bringing the Altar of Zeus to Bergama, his homeland.

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