Fishing Season Opened in Black Sea, Aegean and Marmara Regions

Fishing Season Has Been Opened In The Black Sea Aegean And Marmara
Fishing Season Opened in Black Sea, Aegean and Marmara Regions

Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Prof. Dr. Vahit Kirişci said, “With the instructions of our President, our Ziraat Bank will extend a business loan to our fishermen brothers at the current policy rate of 13,5 percent, and this will start from today.” said.

Minister Kirişci attended the opening ceremony of the Fishing Season. President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan made a phone call with Kirişci and wished the fishermen a fruitful season regarding the new fishing season.

Kirişci, who met with the fishermen at Kireçburnu Fisherman's Shelter, stated that this day was looked forward to during the 4,5 months during which the fishing ban continued, and that all preparations were made.

Reminding that the fishermen will set sail in the Mediterranean on September 15, Kirişci pointed out that the assets in the four seas with different ecological characteristics should be protected by all segments.

Noting that they protect the seas with the measures implemented and the rules introduced, Kirişci continued his words as follows:

“This is how the mackerel, which has not been out of Marmara for 30 years, is back. Kalkan and swallows, even tuna swim. Our seas are very fertile, and our fishermen are very skilled, mashallah. While protecting our assets in the seas, we also support our fishing industry with all our strength. During the AK Party governments, we paid 10,2 billion TL SCT discounted fuel support to our fishermen in today's money, 7,2 billion TL to our fishermen, and 18,2 billion TL in total with other supports, and we will continue to do so. We provided low-interest loans to fisheries hunters and producers through Ziraat Bank. We have provided subsidized loans of TL 2002 billion in today's money and 13,9 million TL in 2021 to the sector since 936. As of August 30, we have extended a loan of 2 billion TL to 700 fishermen. We have a strong fishing industry that has made a name for itself in the world.

We are one of the countries with the strongest fishing fleet in Europe with 18 fishing vessels in the aquaculture sector. We have 476 thousand 2 facilities in the aquaculture sector. We have the most modern 223 aquaculture processing facilities in Europe and we are the country with the highest production among EU countries. Our sector, in which 281 thousand of our citizens are employed, grows and develops thanks to you.”


Pointing out that he is proud of the sector, Minister Kirişci said that the fishing sector has a fishing capacity above the need.

Reminding that the export of fishery products reached the level of 1,4 billion dollars last year, Kirişci said, “We expect our exports to be 2022 billion dollars in 1,5. Our export target for 2023 is to take firm steps forward to 2 billion dollars. As a result of the practice we started last year, we enabled our fishermen to continue fishing for red shrimp in the Mediterranean and to fly our flag in every corner of the Blue Homeland. In this way, our fishermen can fish for 12 months in the international waters of the Eastern Mediterranean with trawlers. My fisherman brothers, as long as you want to open up to the world, we are with you until the end. We are doing whatever it takes to pave the way for you and make your work easier, and we will continue to do so.” used his statements.


Stressing the importance of protecting the ecosystem, Kirişci said that it is necessary to protect not only fish, but also seagrass, algae and the entire marine ecosystem.

In this context, Kirişci stated that they protected the sea and inland waters with control and inspection boats and examined them with research ships, and gave information about the studies carried out within this framework.

Kirişci continued his speech as follows:

“We released 15 different species of fish, mainly chabut fish in Southeast Anatolia, grouper, sea bass and coral in the Mediterranean, sea bream and sea bass in the Aegean, turbot, sturgeon and natural trout in the Black Sea. We are one of the most adept countries to fish with so many different species. By the end of 2022, we will have released approximately 84 million juvenile fish, one for each of our citizens, into water resources. Hopefully, we aim to increase the amount of fisheries to 100 million in 2023, befitting the 100th anniversary of our Republic. We are determined to carry out world standard practices for the sustainability of fisheries, taking into account our conditions.”


Referring to the demands of the fishermen, Kirişci gave the following information:

“I know it is our fuel expenses that hurt us the most in the name of production. The application about fuel, which started in our period, may not satisfy you, but let's not forget that the world went through a great disaster. First the pandemic and then the Russia-Ukraine War… The energy crisis has reached an extent that no one could have imagined, and accordingly the food crisis made headlines. As countries of the world, we need to be very careful. We have not yet received the evaluations of our President, but I can honestly say that; With the instructions of our esteemed President, who has always been by your side, our Ziraat Bank will extend a business loan to our fishermen at the current policy rate of 13,5 percent. It will start from today.”


After his speech, Minister Kirişci left sea bass and sturgeon and distributed fish to the public.

Kirişci, who cut the opening ribbon of the newly built fishing vessel, went to sea with the fishing boat and accompanied the first fishing of the season.

Beamers and fishermen said 'Vira Bismillah' and sailed with their boats and made the first start of the season. Kirişci, who was throwing nets in the sea with the fishermen on the boat and collecting nets, met with the fishermen. sohbet He wished the new season to be good and successful.

In his statement here, Kirişci said, “A great effort is being made here. This is the first time that I have had such an experience as a minister. Good luck to your efforts and enjoy our beloved nation.” said.

After the first fish of the season was taken to the boat, Kirişci took pictures with the fishermen.

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