Arnavutköy Education, Culture and Social Life Center Opened

Arnavutkoy Education Culture and Social Life Center Opened
Arnavutköy Education, Culture and Social Life Center Opened

Speaking at the opening of Arnavutköy Education, Culture and Social Life Center, CHP Chairman Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu, IMM President Ekrem İmamoğluCalling to , “Istanbul Metropolitan did not even have a kindergarten; you are doing 80,90 kindergartens. You will continue to do so. I said 'especially starting from the slum areas', and you are doing it too. I am extremely happy. As long as the citizens are happy, you will see that the services you provide are appreciated by the citizens. I hope we will do what you did under the power of the Nation Alliance. We will show the world how to do it," he said. Asking the people of Arnavutköy to protect the center, İmamoğlu said, “Protect this place, watch over it, ask for more, develop it. This is yours, our people. Every service is yours. There is no party project here. That's how we serve. Therefore, not negligence and betrayal; We represent respect and care. If you are aware of your value and power as a citizen, your interests will be taken care of, not a handful of people, and you will do what you say.

Opening of Arnavutköy Education, Culture and Social Life Center; CHP Chairman Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu, CHP Deputy Chairman Seyit Torun, CHP Istanbul Provincial President Canan Kaftancıoğlu and Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) Mayor Ekrem İmamoğluIt was held with the participation of Kılıçdaroğlu made a speech at the opening ceremony in Yunus Emre Mahallesi, which started in a festive atmosphere. Kılıçdaroğlu stated that İmamoğlu, who came to the microphone before him, gave a nice speech and said, “We all know, more or less, how important it is to serve Istanbul and to serve Istanbulites at the same time. Thus, every day, Istanbulites watch, in a way, how a person they voted for and made mayor serves the town. He said, '150 Projects in 150 Days'… 'My friends are working, maybe there will be 200 projects by the end of the year'. It's possible; It could be 200, it could be 500, it could be 1000. Because Istanbul has been neglected for years.”


Defining Istanbul, which was the capital of 3 great empires, as “the most beautiful city in the world”, Kılıçdaroğlu said:

“The President said, 'We do not look at the city as a rent'. Those who looked at it with the eyes of rent in the past, those who said 'Coupon lands will not be given to anyone without asking me'; take your hand and foot away from Istanbul. We look at Istanbul and its inhabitants as human beings, as an Istanbul with a glorious history. Our mayor does, too. The Republican People's Party from Arnavutköy receives less votes; it is true. But the fault is not with Arnavutköyliler. We have the fault. Did you go and sit at the table of the citizens in Arnavutköy? Have you had your tea or coffee? Did you listen to his problem? We sat in Ankara and gave speeches: 'Let Arnavutköy vote for us…' E says, 'I do not give'. 'Come friend,' he says, 'sit at my table. Ask me if I remember a situation. I have a funeral, give us your condolences.' We didn't do these. But now we do. We will come. We will sit. We will talk. We will say goodbye. We will embrace: we will not separate; we will be together. We will be together for justice, for right, for law. I want everyone to know that."


Kılıçdaroğlu, emphasizing that the name of the library opened in the center is “Cemil Meriç” is valuable for them, said, “This shows that we value those who deserve it. It shows that we do not discriminate in terms of his contribution to our literature and intellectual history, not to his political views. These people are a part of our history, our culture, our literature. Therefore, to discriminate, to separate one from 'us' and the other as 'not from us', this will not happen anymore. To the extent of its value, we will know everyone as valuable. To that extent we will embrace it. Some in the field of art, some in the field of culture, some in the field of painting, some in the field of history, some in politics; If everyone has succeeded in a field in one way or another, we will always respect them to that extent, and they will always be respected in that criterion.”


Touching on the fact that some district mayors from the AK Party did not attend the IMM's invitations, Kılıçdaroğlu said:

“Discrimination must be eradicated from this country now. Mr. President; You are doing your part and keep doing it. They too must learn what our culture, our belief, our philosophy is. We come from the philosophy of Yunus. We come from the philosophy of Ahi Evran. We come from Mevlana's philosophy. We come from the philosophy of Khorasan saints. We do not discriminate, we do not hold grudges against anyone. It does not suit us to discriminate and hold grudges. That's why he voted for party A, he voted for party B; this is something different. Politics is separate, but humanity is separate. The mayor told my friends: Let him vote for us or not; You will provide services starting from the poor neighborhoods. Arnavutköy is one of them. In a sense, it is defined as the suburb of Istanbul. Istanbul is separate, Arnavutköy is separate. But the people of Arnavutköy should also benefit from all the values ​​created by Istanbul. Maybe he does not have money to take the child to the sea or to the beach, but now he will learn to swim here. Here he will go to the library. Here you will learn technology. Here he will develop his culture. He will be here with his friends. He will learn how valuable it is to play together and to cooperate. The mother will bring her child safely and leave him in the nursery here. If he wants to work, he will work more comfortably. Or going to a wedding or going to a condolence. When he thinks, 'Where should I leave my child', the future will leave him at this Social Life Center in Arnavutköy. We only want one thing from them: when they leave their children there and go to a condolence, a wedding or any trip in peace, at least they turn around and pray, 'May Allah be pleased with those who built this facility and brought it to Arnavutköy', only that. Nothing else.”


Addressing İmamoğlu with the words “Mr. President, you did a very good thing”, Kılıçdaroğlu said, “You are opening a cultural center, a sports center, a living center, a nursery in Arnavutköy. This is an important investment in Arnavutköy's history; let me express it. This is why I say this: Yes, Istanbul Metropolitan did not even have a nursery; you are doing 80,90 kindergartens. You will continue to do so. I said especially starting from the slum areas. You are also doing it. I am extremely happy. As long as the citizens are happy, you will see that the services you provide are appreciated by the citizens. Let me state one more thing: There is only one municipality in the world that has built 10 major subways at the same time; The Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. It provides great services. These services need to be explained. Daily, classical, political conflicts; these happen. But our ideal, our goal; they will serve their own towns in the towns where all our metropolitan mayors are located. They will embrace the people. They will listen to your concerns. I hope we will do what you did under the power of the Nation Alliance. How to do it, we'll show the world. We will show them too. How could the rights of the poor be protected? We will show them too. How were the goods they seized from the gangs of five taken? We will show it to both Turkey and the world. Someone will eat the rights of the poor, the poor will eat the rights of the poor; 'Mr. Kemal' will watch him. They don't. We can't watch. We will do everything within the framework of justice. Because the religion of the state is justice. We will not deviate from justice. May all our paths be bright.”


Saying, “We experience the excitement of '150 Projects in 150 Days' every day, every week,” İmamoğlu said, “Three years ago, we set out with the motto 'Respect for people, care for the city'. 'We will respect and think with 16 million Istanbulites. We will also take care of our Istanbul, which has thousands of years of history, at the highest level.” It might sound like a simple statement when put into words, but it's not. If you don't stay with words, if you put it into practice, if you show that you feel that life in Istanbul in the best way possible and that you improve its quality, believe me, the motto we have described means very important things. Of course, some services were performed in Istanbul for a quarter of a century. However, we all see and experience, especially in the last period, that when we go into it, we identify a negligence that emerges with even higher determinations and a process that unfortunately does not focus on people at the highest level. Because there was no understanding in Istanbul that showed respect to people and the character of thinking together with 16 million people. We see that they do not show the ability to take care of this city, and they do not have such a sensitivity," he said.


Saying, “By hiding behind a few engineering successes, especially a few projects with a very problematic and dubious financial structure, you will be managing the fact that you are serving the people of Istanbul, and only as a perception,” said İmamoğlu. You would neglect 16 million people in Istanbul. When it comes to service and execution, no one thinks of transferring resources to a handful of people anymore. We broke this chain of neglect and threw it away. When it comes to service, what are the priorities of the people living there, of that period, of that environment, as in the past, as sloppy and sloppy as before...? Rather than trying to create a space by putting forward only a certain ideological mentality, rather than that concept, we are based on the demographics of the people living here, their average age, how many children, how many women, how many young people, what needs are prioritized; Based on this, we shape our projects”.


“In this comprehensive center; İmamoğlu said:

“Arnavutköy is actually one of our neglected regions in this sense. An area has been created in Arnavutköy, where, unfortunately, our low-income citizens cannot access services related to Istanbul. Maybe they got very high votes from here. Or they may have managed their district and town in the past for years, together with the Metropolitan Municipality. But let's also state that; In fact, Arnavutköy is perhaps one of the most victimized areas of Istanbul. Let me highlight this. Maybe this is one of the districts where we got the least votes. But we have also put forth our effort to show more attention to these areas, our more love for them, our meticulous effort to show what we are actually expressing at a higher level. We will continue to put it as strong as possible. Because, so is our political understanding that we represent, and so is our humanitarian understanding. There are a few things that our President has predicted and said to us from the very beginning. One of them; You will not neglect the most aggrieved, the poorest and the most in need. Latter; You will go to our citizens who did not vote for you, listen to their problems and find solutions for them. That's why we are in Arnavutköy. We exist, and we will continue to exist, with our strong works, projects with character, close to people and solving the problems of people. We are determined to fulfill this promise.”


Reminding that the construction of the center started before their administration period, İmamoğlu said, “The previous administration could have opened such a center here; TRUE. But there would be no nursery in it. We started to open a kindergarten for the first time in the history of the Metropolitan Municipality so that the children of our low-income citizens can receive pre-school education and the children of this city can have equal conditions. We are trying to find 70 and 80 this year," he said. Imamoglu listed the services that "would not exist" in the center if they had not opened it themselves: Regional Employment Office, Cemil Meriç Library, Institute Istanbul İSMEK, Individuals with Needs Education Center (ÖZGEM), Public Health Center, Istanbul Family Counseling and Training Center (İSADEM), Short Break Center, Social Service Center and Arnavutköy Boğazköy Social Facility.


Describing the center with the words, “An extraordinary living center where you can see respect for people and care for the city when you enter and wander around its parks, landscapes and the areas inside”, İmamoğlu said, “I invite our Albanian villagers to take advantage of the opportunities here and to demand more from us. I go to the library, I say to our children, 'Guys, whose is this?' Some say 'Your'. I say no, 'Your, not mine; all of us and our children who came here before.' So act like the owner. So protect this place, watch it, ask for more, develop it. This is yours, our people. Every service is yours," he said. Saying, “I would like to underline once again in the presence of our Chairman, İmamoğlu said:

“We are the rulers responsible for activating the return of our people's budget in the most ethical, most accountable, cleanest and most transparent way as a service to our citizens. Here are the provincial presidents or deputies of our Republican People's Party, Deva Party, IYI Party. There is no party project here. Yes, there is a mayor from the Republican People's Party who has implemented a project belonging to our people, but this project is the project of our nation, the project of our people. That's how we serve. Therefore, we represent respect and care, not neglect and betrayal. If you are aware of your value and power as a citizen, your interests will be taken care of, not a handful of people, and what you say will be done.”


Expressing that they set out with the goal of "150 Projects in 150 Days", İmamoğlu said, "We will complete this by the end of the year. But my friends will surprise me, I hope this number will exceed 200. Sometimes we open one project a day, sometimes two projects a day. We are laying the foundation for many new projects. We are creating permanent works that will make the lives of our people easier in every district and neighborhood of this cherished city. From 10 metro lines to life valleys, from parks to infrastructure projects, transportation projects, education centers, libraries, dormitories, kindergartens, sports facilities, health centers, we increase the quality of life of our people in Istanbul. We provide a fair and equal form of service in Istanbul. And wherever we go - it's their own choice whether to come or not - we invite the mayor of that district with due diligence. Because we respect the mayor elected by the votes of our people at the highest level, on behalf of our people. Whether you come or not is at your own discretion. I don't know him. Let them tell our people why they didn't come, not us. But we carefully invite them. Because we know that in the next election, we can invite a mayor from the Republican People's Party in Arnavutköy. We would never do to another what we would not want done to ourselves. We will continue to improve the quality of life of our people, Chairman. We will continue our diligent efforts to make everyone equal in Istanbul. We can do all this thanks to the support and energy of our citizens. Of course, with the support of you, our esteemed Chairman, and all our fellow travelers, and with us applauding this process, we will continue to do so in a stronger way. With these feelings, I wish this beautiful life center in Arnavutköy, first of all to the people of Arnavutköy and then to all my fellow citizens of Istanbul, to be auspicious and auspicious.”


With the ribbon cut after the speeches, the center was put into the service of the people of Arnavutköy. Kılıçdaroğlu, Kaftancıoğlu and İmamoğlu made investigations at the center under the intense interest of the citizens. With the cultural center built in Arnavutköy Yunus Emre District, the region gained a new face. It has a cultural center, auditorium and multi-purpose hall that will revive the social life of the region. With its many functions, the center will be a center where many services are provided not only for Boğazköy District, but also for Arnavutköy district. In the center; Regional Employment Office, Cemil Meriç Library, Institute Istanbul İSMEK, Individuals in Need Education Center (ÖZGEM), Public Health Center, Istanbul Family Counseling and Training Center (İSADEM), Short Break Center, Social Service Center, Arnavutköy Boğazköy Social Facility, Sports Hall and the “Home Istanbul” nursery will serve. The center also has a parking lot for 100 cars.

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