Age Details for EYT Law! Everything Has Changed From The Beginning

Age Detail for EYT Law Everything Has Changed From The Beginning
Age Details for EYT Law! Everything Has Changed From The Beginning

The focus of millions of people waiting for EYT is on the law to be announced. The explanations regarding retirement, which was put into the long-awaited age, came from Vedat Bilgin, Minister of Labor and Social Security.

Minister Bilgin said, “We are opening a file and dealing with the problems that are in front of our ministry. One of them is the issue of contracted personnel working in the public sector, which concerns approximately 516 people. We are about to finish our O file, we have finished the work technically and it is at the decision stage. Apart from that, there is the problem of temporary workers, we will solve this problem. There are also contract workers. Approximately 1 million subcontracted workers were made permanent. The number of people remaining from these was 95 thousand at that time, the number may have changed today. They have a staffing problem, we are working on it," he said.

Bilgin shared the following information about the studies on EYT:

“There is the problem of EYT, which is the age of retirement, which we plan to submit to the parliament in December, on which work is still ongoing, but we have reached a certain stage. I shared with the public that this question would be completed and submitted to the Parliament in December. Of course, there is a reform made in 1999, the problem of those who started working before that reform. Because there are 3 conditions in retirement, one of them is the number of days, the other is the working year and there is an age requirement, three of which must be completed. After the law was enacted, these conditions were determined, and those who were stuck with the age requirement in the period before the law was enacted, voice this issue. We will make that issue ready for the will of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey in December.”

Referring to the minimum wage issue, Bilgin said, “We made the highest minimum wage in the history of the Republic of Turkey as of the end of last year and it started to be implemented as of the beginning of the year. We made a 50 percent increase, and then we made an adjustment in July. We achieved an increase of over 80 percent arithmetically, and an increase of around 95 percent cumulatively. There is high inflation, its effects are corrosive and reduce the effect of the minimum wage. Taking these into account, we will re-determine the minimum wage at the end of the year, taking into account inflation and at a level that will protect the workers of the society. No one should worry about that. The main feature of the Turkish state is that it is a social state. It is the state that takes protective measures against the workers of the welfare state," he said.

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