Who is Reha Muhtar, Who Is Alleged To Have Abused Her Child, Where Is She From, How Old Is She?

Who Is Reha Muhtar Who Is Alleged To Have Abused Her Child How old is she?
Who is Reha Muhtar, Who Is Alleged To Have Abused Her Child, Where Is She From, How Old Is She?

It was claimed that the famous television programmer Reha Muhtar, who has been out of sight for a long time, beat her 13-year-old daughter, who was born from her marriage to actress Deniz Uğur, for not giving her the laptop in her hand, and bit her hands holding the laptop when her daughter resisted.

According to the news of Birsen Altuntaş from tv100; His ex-wife Deniz Uğur, who filed a custody case against Muhtar in the past years, received a report of assault on her daughter and applied to the Istanbul Anatolian 1st Family Court.

Deniz Uğur's petition included the following statements:

“Reha Muhtar, whom I am complaining about, is the father of my children. We've been apart for a long time. We have 2 joint children. The custody of the children is with their father. I took my children Mina Deniz and Poyraz Deniz from their schools in Tarabya on 12.09.2022 on the day of personal relations with the decision of the Istanbul Family Court.

We came home together in the evening, while I was at the residence, my daughter Mina said that her father Reha had beaten her very badly on the previous Friday. He even confirmed his previous behavior by saying that he beat him very badly this time. In fact, Mina had previously filed a complaint against her father for injury. Later, when her father put pressure on her, she gave up her complaint.

The boy showed me the strings of beatings on his body. My daughter had bruises and bruises on her arms and legs. I also saw bite marks on his hands. The boy was very nervous and afraid because he would return to his father's house at the weekend. He said to me, 'If you complain about my father, he will kill me'.

We were alone during these conversations. I calmed my daughter down and took her to Kavacık Medistate Hospital. Even the doctor, after examining my daughter there, understood that the child was afraid and had a bad mood. She relayed this situation to me. My daughter's twin brother, my son Poyraz, is also completely withdrawn…”

After examining the evidence, the court ordered Reha Muhtar to be suspended for one month.

Who is Reha Muhtar, where is she from, how old is she?

Reha Muhtar (born in Istanbul, 21 July 1959) is a Turkish television programmer, commentator and news presenter.

He lived in Ankara in the winters and in Istanbul in the summers, as his father, who was originally from Kirkuk and Iraqi Turkmen, worked as a lecturer in the Department of Arabic Language and Literature at the Faculty of Language, History and Geography. He finished primary, secondary and high school at TED Ankara College. He completed his higher education at Ankara University, Faculty of Political Sciences, School of Press and Broadcasting.

He started his career in 1983 as a reporter at Milliyet newspaper. After leaving Milliyet newspaper in 1985, Muhtar moved to TRT and became known as a TRT correspondent in Athens, Greece. During his Athens years, he became the Greek bridge champion. In 1991, he started to prepare the "Line of Fire" program similar to CNN International's program Crossfire. He left TRT in 1993 and moved to Kanal D. After the sale of Kanal D in 1994, he left Kanal D and returned to TRT. Although he left TRT and moved to Star TV in 1995, he left this channel after a short time and returned to Kanal D. He left Kanal D in 1996 and moved to Show TV, becoming the main news presenter and news editor-in-chief. He started to write for the newspaper Akşam in 2000. Muhtar, who left Show TV and Akşam newspaper in 2002, returned to Star TV. Muhtar, who left Star TV in 2003, continued to write for Star newspaper for a while, but left Star Media Group in the same year. He switched to ATV in 2004, became the jury of the Academy Turkey and started to write for Sabah newspaper. Reha Muhtar, who left Ciner Media Group in 2006, presented her program PişşTi on Show TV. However, in the same year, after the program ended, he left Show TV and started to write for Vatan newspaper. Muhtar, who switched to FOX in 2007 and presented the Crossfire program, left this channel after the program ended the same year. He returned to Show TV 3 times and became a competition host and left this channel again. In 2009, after making the “Very Different” program on CNN Türk, their program called “Son Kale” was broadcast on Kanaltürk. Muhtar, who made a program on Kanaltürk with a lot of difference in 2011, left this channel. Muhtar finally left Vatan Newspaper in November 2016.

Her marriage to Selin Çağlayan, a journalist like herself, in 1983, lasted for five years. The relationship that started with Nilüfer in 2001 ended in 2003 with the press release of the duo. In 2006-2007, he appeared in the tabloids a lot with his relationship with the singer Gülşen. Her relationship with actress Deniz Uğur in 2008 ended in 2010. Reha Muhtar is the spiritual father of Ayşe Nazlı, Nilüfer's daughter, and they have twin children, Mina and Poyraz, who were born in 2009 from her relationship with actress Deniz Uğur.

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