What is Epoxy Putty, What are its Types? How is Epoxy Putty Applied?

What is Epoxy Putty, What are its Types, How is Epoxy Putty Applied?
What is Epoxy Putty, What are its Types, How Epoxy Putty is Applied

Epoxy, which is a repair and correction material, is preferred in cases such as deterioration in structures, cracking or contamination in joints. What is epoxy putty There are many who are curious. Epoxy putty are the types of putty used in these applications. Epoxy obtained from resin is an extremely effective building material.

Epoxy putty is also preferred to fill the gaps left after casting. Or it is used to close and correct deteriorations and cracks in areas such as plastic, concrete, steel, wood and aluminum. Non-decaying, long-lasting epoxy putty That's why it's highly preferred.

What are Epoxy Putty Types?

Epoxy putty Although they basically perform the same function, there are some varieties among themselves. These paste types, which have weight differences, actually have the same basic content. All of these pastes, which can only be divided into types such as more water resistant or matte and glossy, have the same content and all of them are successful in completing their main purpose. At the same time, metal epoxy pastes are also used on metal surfaces.

How is Epoxy Putty Applied?

Epoxy putty The first thing to be considered while applying is that the surface to be applied is clean. It is applied to floors that are free of residues and roughness. Otherwise, it creates a distorted and bad appearance. Epoxy primer is applied to the floor before the putty. Thus, defects or lumps that you cannot correct are prevented.

The primer is expected to dry. After the applied primer dries, sandpaper is applied to the floor. Then, a paste is obtained by adding primer, water and calcite. After the paste is obtained and the desired consistency is reached, it is applied to the desired area by means of a trowel. The quality of the putty is of course important for its longevity. However, the application must also be applied fully and meticulously. This is important for the longevity of the application.

How to Apply Epoxy Putty

Considerations When Applying Epoxy Putty

Epoxy putty The most important thing to pay attention to in applications is surface cleaning. Epoxy sealant When it is a preferred product as a filler, it should fully penetrate the place to be filled. This is related to the correct consistency of the paste. at the same time if epoxy repair putty If it is to be used as a floor covering, that area must be clean and smooth. Otherwise, the image will not be pleasant.

Epoxy putty You should also make sure that you have the necessary equipment before using it. This type of putty is best applied with a trowel. It takes a short time and provides a flat appearance. It is recommended that you do not start the application work without obtaining the trowel or completing the other equipment.

Epoxy Putty Prices 2022

Epoxy putty is a building repair material that you can apply yourself at home. There are also changes in the prices of these pastes, which are quite easily available and have many sizes from small to large. Many factors such as how much putty will be needed according to the area to be applied and the type of epoxy putty are effective in determining the prices. Starting from small repair pastes starting from 20 TL, up to 1000 TL epoxy putty prices vardır.

Frequently Asked Questions

Epoxy putty Many questions are asked about it. One of them is whether you can practice on your own. The answer is, of course, that you can. You can have these putties, which are very easily available, applied by those who know the job, or you can apply them yourself with the necessary equipment. Of course, the size of the area is an important factor in this regard.

Another curious question is where to buy epoxy putty. Epoxy putties are available from many places. However, it is recommended to choose reliable and quality companies to find high quality and additive-free pastes.


Epoxy putty There are many companies that sell similar construction materials. Dryfix is one of them. The company, which provides service with quality products, owes its success in the sector to this understanding. It also has many categories and products. This creates an environment where all kinds of customers can benefit and receive service.

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