Considerations for the Protection of Children from School Accidents

Considerations for the Protection of Children from School Accidents
Considerations for the Protection of Children from School Accidents

Yeni Yüzyıl University Gaziosmanpaşa Hospital Emergency Medicine Specialist Dr. Faculty Member Tahir Talat Yurttaş reminded both teachers and parents about important points to be considered at school in the new academic year that started with the ringing of the school bell.

Emergency Medicine Specialist Dr. Faculty Member Tahir Talat Yurttaş talked about the things to be considered at school:

“As in every accident, the most important factor in the accidents that will occur in schools is to take the necessary precautions, and secondly, the correct and timely intervention in the accidents that occur will minimize the negative consequences. For this, we recommend that our trainers receive adequate first aid training.

Care should be taken that the corners of the furniture are not too sharp, necessary protection measures such as nets should be taken in places where there is a danger of falling, such as stairwells, and there should be no small objects in the classrooms, especially in the kindergarten and primary school age children. Necessary precautions should be taken against slips and falls in areas where floor cleaning is carried out. In case of disasters such as earthquakes and fires, drills should be carried out at regular intervals. Necessary medical supplies should be kept in school infirmaries or first aid kits. Children with fever and suspected infection should be at home resting during the illness.

In school buses, children should be disembarked and disembarked, and it should be ensured that all children are seated before the bus moves. Children should not get up or get out of the vehicle before the vehicle comes to a complete stop. Make sure that all children get off while the vehicle is being shut down.”

Dr. Tahir Talat Yurttaş continued his words as follows:

“Necessary inspections in school canteens should be done on time. Open foods that are likely to spoil quickly should not be sold. Maximum attention should be paid to the storage conditions of food. The preparation and storage conditions of open food and beverages sold around the school may not be suitable, so one should be careful about shopping from such places.

Parents should inform their teachers and school officials about special conditions such as allergies and chronic diseases related to their children, and necessary precautions should be taken accordingly. Comfortable, sweat-proof clothes should be preferred for children. Children's school bags should not be heavy and should not be worn on one side. The weight of the bag should not exceed one tenth of the child's own weight.”

Emergency Medicine Specialist Dr. Faculty Member Tahir Talat Yurttaş said the following about how to intervene in accidents:

"Nose bleeding

In nosebleeds, pressure should be applied on the wings of the nose with a clean cloth for at least 10 minutes, and the child's head should be tilted forward in a sitting position. If bleeding occurs as a result of trauma, care should be taken not to put pressure on the bone part. If bleeding cannot be controlled, the nearest health facility should be consulted.

Foreign body in nose or ear

It is common for a foreign body to get into the nose or ear. While trying to remove the object, we may cause it to go deeper, so it would be more appropriate to remove it in a health facility.

In cases of bleeding caused by falling and impact, the bleeding site should be washed with clean water or an antiseptic solution, and bleeding should be controlled by applying pressure with a clean cloth. Afterwards, a health facility should be consulted.

Injuries such as sprains

The area should be compressed with ice wrapped in a clean cloth or towel. It should be wrapped tightly with an elastic bandage and rested for a while.

In cases where fracture is suspected

In cases where there is an open wound or significant deformity on the bone, a health institution should be applied by fixing it with a tool such as a splint, cardboard or cardboard in a way to limit the movement of the affected area. In this process, cold application should be made.

In case of getting an object into the throat

The child should be encouraged to cough in case of foreign body getting into the throat. If the object does not come out, the back should be hit 5-6 times and if the foreign body does not come out, the heimlich maneuver should be performed. If the object still cannot be removed, an ambulance should be called immediately.

Head trauma in children is a common condition due to collisions, falls, and impacts. If there is bleeding at the injury site, pressure should be applied with a gauze pad. If the child has conditions such as nausea, vomiting, fainting, feeling bad, and drowsiness, a healthcare provider should be consulted.

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