New Era at IEKKK Started with Flamingo Road Trip

New Term in IEKKK Started With Flamingo Road Trip
New Era at IEKKK Started with Flamingo Road Trip

The new term of the Izmir Economic Development Coordination Board has begun. Before the meeting at the İzmir Agricultural Development Center, the members of the board, the Mayor of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, who invited all İzmir residents to see this unique nature. Tunç SoyerHe toured Flamingo Road hosted by . In the meeting, the route of the new period was drawn.

İzmir Economic Development Coordination Board (İEKKK) started the new term with a trip to the Flamingo Road after a break in April. Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç SoyerDuring the tour hosted by .

After the tour, the President invited all Izmirians to the Flamingo Road. Tunç SoyerWe have a saying, “Like a fish living in the sea without knowing it. This is an expression that can be used in many areas of life. Our current location is half an hour away from the residential area of ​​Izmir. People go to Kenya, California, Florida, spending the world's money to see such a geography. It's right under our noses, but unfortunately, many Izmir residents don't know about it. This is a huge loss. This extraordinary wealth needs to be known and recognized. This is the reason why we are holding this meeting here.”

“Let's be aware of this richness”

İEKKK President Mehmet Ali Kasalı said, “We think it will be difficult to decide on behalf of İzmir without seeing this place. We will learn the concept of habitat by living here, so that we can become aware of this richness while making decisions about İzmir and expressing İzmir in certain places. Let's look for ways not to harm this richness while planning about İzmir. Therefore, we organized this trip because we think that if our opinion leaders and presidents see this place, their next decisions will be much healthier. We will work together with our Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor for the next new term. Both we and the Metropolitan have studies on this place. We are together to combine the possibilities of the Metropolitan with our ideas and works. One of our main goals at IEKKK this year will be to make sure that all the projects about İzmir are known and shared by opinion leaders.”

“The common denominator will always be İzmir”

After the tour, the first meeting of the new term was held at İzmir Agricultural Development Center (İZTAM). Speaking at the opening of the 110th meeting of the Board, Chairman Soyer expressed his excitement for the new term and said, “İEKKK is one of the most critical institutions of İzmir. It has a very wide representation capacity. The buildings represented by each representative present here are extremely important for İzmir. Izmir is always expressed as the castle of something, but perhaps most importantly, Izmir is the castle of democracy. İzmir is a city inhabited by people who succeed in acting with a common mind and listen to each other with tolerance. All over the world, there is a political climate in which the common mind is left in the background. It is extremely important to bring common sense to the fore here. This is a place where different voices are heard where they talk about what needs to be done for İzmir, leaving politics aside. A platform where all differences can emerge as wealth. That's why it's so important. The fact that we are achieving this in İzmir is above everything else. The common denominator will always be İzmir. We will always look for the answer to the question of what we can do for İzmir.”

“This platform is democracy turned into flesh and bones”

Mehmet Kasalı, President of IEKKK, said, “It would not be wrong to say that such a platform can only happen in İzmir. This platform is the flesh and bone of democracy. I would like to thank everyone who contributed to this platform.”

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