Capital City Kids Learn Traffic Rules at Kurtuluş Park Traffic Training Track

Children from the Capital Learn Traffic Rules at the Kurtulus Park Traffic Training Track
Capital City Kids Learn Traffic Rules at Kurtuluş Park Traffic Training Track

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Department of Science Affairs, Signaling and Infrastructure Branch Directorate started the trainings given at the "Kurtuluş Park Traffic Training Track" in order to teach the traffic rules at an early age, with the opening of schools.

Within the scope of the training, children learn the rules to be followed when crossing the street, how to behave at the pedestrian crossing and school crossing, traffic lights, underpass, bicycle path, safety and car seat usage rules.

Stating that it started again in April after the break due to the pandemic, Traffic Training Center Unit Officer Selda Kankan gave the following information about the trainings:

“We started our training, which we took a 2-year break due to the pandemic, in April last year. So far, we have provided training to 110 thousand students from approximately 5 schools. Now, with the start of schools, we continue our training from where we left off. Schools from all over Ankara come to this center by making an appointment. Our 6-8 age group education audience. First, we give our incoming children a theoretical education in the classroom. Then they get hands-on training at our track and drive battery-powered cars.”

While the little ones, who learn by having fun, said that everyone should obey the traffic rules, they also expressed their thoughts about the training given with the following words:

Deniz Permission: “I am 7 years old. I learned that we should look to our left and right when crossing the street. I learned about traffic lights. I drove a car. Everyone must obey the traffic rules.”

Mina Metinkılıç: “I am 7 years old. I learned the traffic rules, I learned the lights. I learned what to do while passing through the overpass. I will tell everyone what I learned here.”

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