It's Ended on Fan Street, Which Will Breathe Bursa Traffic

It Has Come To An End On The Fan Street That Will Let Bursa's Traffic Breathe
It Has Come to an End on Fan Street that Will Breathe Bursa Traffic

The works of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality to expand the Hayran Cadde within the scope of the projects of removing the burdens of Acemler Junction have come to an end. After the expropriation was completed, asphalting started on both Hayran Cadde and the K5 bridge connection, which was built as an alternative.

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, which has implemented projects that will breathe life into Bursa's traffic, is working hard to clear the burdens of Acemler Junction, which is the nodal point of urban traffic. The Metropolitan Municipality, which previously made lane widening in Acemler Junction connecting branches, connecting Hayran Cadde and Oulu Cadde with a tube passage, connecting the vehicles coming from the direction of Odunluk, Dikkaldırım and Beşevler to the city center and Mudanya direction from the stadium side, also made the junction branches in the expansion works of Hayran Street. It's near the end now. The Metropolitan Municipality, which has designed the Hayran Cadde as 2 departures and 2 arrivals, accelerated the works after the expropriation of the buildings in the section after the stadium. While the ground will be arranged with 2500 tons of filling material in this area, approximately 1200 tons of asphalt pavement will be made within the scope of the work. At the same time, in the newly opened section, borders, pavements, bicycle paths, pedestrian walkways are being built, while existing walking paths are being renewed. As part of the same work, asphalting of the road connecting the K5 bridge behind the stadium, which was completed before, to Hayran Cadde, is also being done.

Hassle-free transportation

Stating that the traffic load on Hayran Street is increasing day by day with the new hospital, police building and stadium, the construction of which is progressing rapidly, Metropolitan Mayor Alinur Aktaş said that the street was rearranged as a divided road with the work done. Stating that the vehicles coming from the direction of Odunluk, Dikkaldırım and Beşevler, they can go both to the D5 highway and to the Mudanya and İzmir direction over the Mudanya Junction by using the Hayran Cadde and the K200 bridge that has been completed, President Aktaş said, It will be able to easily connect to Dikkaldırım and Beşevler. Although the works were delayed a little due to expropriation, there was no obstacle in front of us anymore. We will complete the asphalt in a short time and open the road for service. Good luck right now," he said.

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