Competition Results of Rumkale Water Sports Festival Announced

Competition Results of Rumkale Water Sports Festival Announced
Competition Results of Rumkale Water Sports Festival Announced

The competition results of the Rumkale Water Sports Festival, organized by Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality and held for the 5th time this year, have been announced. The winners of the festival, which took place in Rumkale, the pearl of the Euphrates, were awarded.

In order to introduce Rumkale, where nature and history are intertwined, to the world and to increase the interest in sports, in the festival attended by 13 athletes from 38 countries and 350 cities, the competitors competed fiercely in dragon boat, water polo and swimming races throughout the day.


In the Dragon boat competition, which is the first competition of the Rumkale Water Sports Festival in Yavuzeli district and held with a unique view, Samsun Municipality Team came first, A&T Bank Team came in second and Balence Tuzla Team came in third. In the water polo competitions, the Şehitkamil Municipality Team took the first place, the Elazığ team took the second place, and the Mersin Mert Team took the third place.

In the 18-29 age group, Doğukan Ulaç came first, Barış Şahin second, M. Talha Eryılmaz third in the 18-29 age category for men in the XNUMX-XNUMX age range, while Sude Nas Çakmak, second Ece Turgut, and Nilsu Kalem came third in women's open swimming competitions.

Yusuf Balaban came first, Mustafa Arda Çulha second and İhsan Aybars Akay came third in the men's category in the 3500 meters, while Elanur Kart came first, E. Yaren Konaç second and Beril Öztürk third in the women's category. In age categories, the winners in the 14-15 age group are İhsan Aybars Akay for men and Elanur Kart for women; Kadirhan Sağlam and Cemre Naz Karabıçkı took second place and Ekin Kılıç and Ceylin Naz Yavuz came in third place. In men aged 16-17, Yusuf Balaban was the first, Mustafa Arda Çulha was the second, and Toprakcan Şahin was the third. In women, E. Yaren Konaç finished first, Beril Öztürk second, and Büşra Balaban third in the same age category.

In the 2000 meters: Anıl Ulusoy came first in the men's 10-11 age category, Osman Kart was the second, Aydın Ege Özsoy was the third; In the 12-13 age category, Berkin Avcı won the first place, Yalçın Ulusoy was the second, Bekir Sıvacı was the third; In the over 30 category, Zihni Ademoğlu finished first, Olcay Batu Coşkuner second and Basel Shikh Osman third. İlknur Doğan came first, Hatice Cansu Turan was the second, and Işıl Ada Ertan was the third in the women 10-11 age category; In the 12-13 age category, İkra Sıvacı was the first, Zeynep Buğlem Ulusoy was the second, Ece Erdoğan was the third; In the over 30 category, Pınar Arpınar Avşar came in first, Çilem Çelik came in second, and Meltem Kalkan came in third.

At the same time, Zihni Âdemoğlu came first in the over 2000 category in the 30 meters, Berkin Avcı came in second and Yalçın Ulusoy in the 12-13 age category, while İkra Sıvacı came first, Zeynep Buğlem Ulusoy second, and Ece Erdoğan third in the women's category, in the 12-13 age category.

The award was given to the athlete who completed the race first in open swimming along with Governor Davut Gül and Metropolitan Mayor Fatma Şahin, while the other athletes who were awarded in the competition were given their awards by Zekeriya Efiloğlu, Head of Youth Services and Sports Department.

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