Completed Bungalow Houses Will Revitalize Şanlıurfa Tourism

Completed Bungalow Houses Will Revitalize Sanliurfa Tourism
Completed Bungalow Houses Will Revitalize Şanlıurfa Tourism

The construction of bungalow houses, where local and foreign tourists can stay, has been completed in Bozova, which is located on the shore of the Atatürk Dam lake by Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality.

The construction of 11 bungalow houses, which was started in the coastal district of Bozova with the instructions of Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Zeynel Abidin Beyazgül, has been completed. Bungalow houses built in the district, which is on the tourism route, will make a great contribution to summer and winter tourism.

Bungalow houses, whose construction was completed on the lake shore of Atatürk Dam, are ready for opening in order to strengthen the tourism-based economy in the city and to allow local and foreign tourists to spend more time in the city.

Bungalow houses within the Çatak Social Facilities of Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality will have an important place in summer and winter tourism. 11 Bungalow houses, the construction of which has been completed, will be opened in a short time and will be offered to the citizens.

3 Bungalow houses built on an area of ​​400 square meters consist of 11 square meters. It includes a bedroom, living room, bathroom, WC, patio and barbecue. In the bungalow houses, where the germination work is also carried out, citizens will be able to stay with peace of mind with the chirping of birds.

Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality continues its activities in the field of tourism in Şanlıurfa, which was selected as the ''2023 Tourism Capital of the Islamic World'' by the Organization of Islamic Cooperation.

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