TEMSA Introduced Its New Electric Vehicle Model at IAA Transportation Fair

TEMSA Introduced Its New Electric Vehicle Model at IAA Transportation Fair
TEMSA Introduced Its New Electric Vehicle Model at IAA Transportation Fair

TEMSA introduced its new electric vehicle model, the LD SB E, at the IAA Transportation fair held in Hannover. Increasing the number of vehicles in its electric product range to 5 with the LD SB E, which is the first electric intercity bus produced by a European company, TEMSA aims to increase the share of electric vehicles in total production to 3 percent in the next 50 years.

TEMSA, one of the world's leading electric bus manufacturers, operating in partnership with Sabancı Holding and PPF Group, took its place among the rare manufacturers in the world that made five different electric vehicle models ready for mass production. Participating in IAA Transportation, one of the world's most important commercial vehicle fairs held in Hannover, TEMSA launched its new electric vehicle model, LD SB E. LD SB E, one of the most popular vehicles of the fair, visited by more than 40 companies and thousands of participants from 1.200 different countries, will make a significant contribution to TEMSA's electric vehicle range with its high engineering quality and driving comfort.

“Our pole star is sustainability”

Speaking at the press conference held within the scope of the launch event, TEMSA CEO Tolga Kaan Doğancıoğlu emphasized that sustainability and digitalization are the two main decisive trends in the automotive industry, and said, “As TEMSA, we are one of the companies that realize the sustainability and digitalization-oriented transformation in our own industry first. While we have been designing our business processes accordingly for many years, we have prioritized two issues by putting our customers at the center. While we support our sustainable growth, we also fulfill our sustainability promises and targets by focusing on new opportunity points, especially electrification. Our electric vehicle range, which we reached with our LD SB E vehicle, is the most important indicator of TEMSA's determination on this road. Today, we are one of the rare companies in the world that has launched 5 different electric vehicles in different segments. In addition, with our LD SB E vehicle, we are proud to have produced the continent's first intercity electric bus as a European company. If you want to go north, the easiest way is to follow the pole star. Our north is a more livable, cleaner, safer world. Our pole star is sustainability. We continue on our way resolutely on this journey. In this context, we aim to make one of every two vehicles out of our production facility electric in 2025," he said.

“We are much stronger, much more global with Sabancı and PPF”

Hakan Koralp, Deputy General Manager of TEMSA Sales and Marketing, gave information about the world of TEMSA to the participants and said: “Since 1968, TEMSA has brought many bus and midibus models to the industry; is a global player that has managed to put them on the roads in nearly 70 countries around the world. The number of vehicles TEMSA has produced to date is over 510 thousand in its facility, which is established on an area of ​​130 thousand square meters. As of the last quarter of 2020, TEMSA, operating in partnership with Sabancı Holding and PPF Group, is now much stronger and more stable in global markets, especially with its electrification solutions, together with its sister company Skoda Transportation. Today, we will further strengthen this position of TEMSA, which plays a pioneering and exemplary role in the world in zero emission vehicles, with new vehicles and new technologies in the coming period.”

“We allocate 4% of our turnover to R&D”

TEMSA Deputy General Manager for R&D and Technology Caner Sevginer stated that TEMSA transfers 4% of its turnover to R&D every year and said, “Today's first step in creating an R&D culture in the world is to think about the next move; is to worry about tomorrow without being content with today. It is to analyze what it takes to be a playmaker in the technologies of the future, and to take a strategic direction accordingly. This is exactly what we have been doing at TEMSA for years. Our studies on electric vehicles, energy storage technologies and autonomous vehicles for many years are an indication of this point of view. We develop all these technologies in our R&D center located in our production facility. Today, we have placed electrification at the core of our work. While focusing on the electrification revolution in the world and developing our solutions for public transportation and transportation, we are also looking for answers to the question of how we can make storage technologies more usable, which will open a new page in this revolution. LD SB E is also a result of these studies we have done in our R&D center”.

It can reach a range of 350 kilometers.

Launched at Hannover IAA Transportation, the LD SB E can be offered to consumers in two different options, 12 or 13 meters.

The vehicle, which has a passenger capacity of 63 people, shows the expected performance in all road conditions thanks to its 250 kW electric motor.

Offering 210 different battery capacity options, 280, 350 and 3 kWh, the range of the LD SB E can reach up to 350 kilometers under suitable conditions.

The vehicle can reach full charge capacity in about 2 hours.

Thanks to the Digital Instrument Panel, all information about driving can be easily followed.

The fact that most of the electrical components of the vehicle are located in the same area also provides great convenience in the service and maintenance services of the vehicle.

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