Scabies May Be the Cause of Itching That Doesn't Sleep at Night

Scabies May Be the Cause of Itching That Doesn't Sleep at Night
Scabies May Be the Cause of Itching That Doesn't Sleep at Night

VM Medical Park Ankara Hospital Dermatology Specialist Assoc. Dr. Funda Kemeriz warned.

Saying that there has been an increase in scabies cases recently, VM Medical Park Ankara Hospital Dermatology Specialist Assoc. Dr. Funda Kemeriz, “Intense itching, which increases at night and with heat, is seen in people with scabies. Itchy sores are observed especially between the fingers, inner wrists, armpits, buttocks and abdomen.

Funda Kemeriz, who said that common items such as towels and sheets should be taken into consideration, said, “It can spread through shared items such as towels and bed linens. It can spread easily between family members and can also be transmitted during sexual intercourse. The parasite is not likely to be transmitted through a normal handshake or hug. The scabies mite is a very slow creeping being, it cannot jump, it cannot fly.” used the phrases.

Kemeriz emphasized that intense itching was observed and stated that while the first parasite contamination (infestation) is 3-6 weeks, it can be as short as 1-3 days in recurrent infections. Kemeriz made the following statement:

“Patients have intense itchy sores that increase at night and with heat. These wounds are seen between the fingers, inside the wrist, armpits, hips and abdomen. In particular, breast and genital area involvement is common in women, and genital area involvement in men. Itching is very severe in the elderly and children. In these groups, the disease may present with different clinical manifestations.

Stating that the diagnosis of scabies is mostly made by the physician by evaluating the clinical findings and response to treatment, Assoc. Dr. Funda Kemeriz said that dermatoscopy, microscopic examinations, biopsy, PCR and serological tests can also be used if necessary.

Stating that it is essential to treat scabies, Dr. Funda Kemeriz, “Since it is a disease that cannot be healed on its own, lotions containing permethrin, sulfuric ointments, mixtures containing Peru balm, lotions containing lindane, creams containing crotamiton and benzyl benzonate lotions are used for treatment. Creams or lotions applied to the whole body from the neck down are left on the body for 8-12 hours. Depending on the drug used, the treatment may take up to 3 days. The use of systemic therapy such as oral ivermectin may be required in cases resistant to topical treatments or in patients who cannot tolerate these treatments. he said.

Mentioning what the patient should do before treatment, Assoc. Dr. Funda Kemeriz said, “The patient should take a warm bath before the treatment, dry thoroughly, and the application should preferably be done at night. It should be applied to the navel, genital area, to the edge of the body openings, including under the nails, to the fingertips and fold areas. The elderly, those with low immunity and children under the age of 2 should also use the drugs on the scalp, neck, face and ears, but the drugs should not come into contact with the mucous membranes.

Noting that even if the parasite is killed and neutralized as a result of the treatment, the itching can last up to 4-6 weeks, Assoc. Dr. Kemeriz shared the following information:

“The reason for this is the allergic reaction developed by the body against the antigenic structures that occur as a result of the death of the parasite. For this reason, according to the situation, systemic antihistamine drugs and topical steroid creams can be added to the treatment, Assoc. Dr. Funda Kemeriz, “As the applied antiparasitic topical treatments can cause irritation and increase itching and dryness, tea tree oil and aloe vera creams can also be used to relieve itching.”

Underlining that scabies mites can live on the surface of clothes, bedding, furniture or towels for 2-3 days, Assoc. Dr. Kemeriz ended his statement as follows:

“It is necessary to wash used bedding and clothes, all personal washable items in 60 degrees hot water and dry them in a hot dryer. Items that cannot be washed should be kept in a tightly sealed plastic bag for 3-7 days. In order to prevent the spread of scabies and because the symptoms take between 4-6 weeks, everyone who has close physical contact with the person diagnosed with scabies should also be treated.

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