Samsun Public Transportation Transfer Center Counting The Days To Enter Service

Samsun Public Transportation Transfer Center is counting the days to enter service
Samsun Public Transportation Transfer Center Counting The Days To Enter Service

Samsun Metropolitan Municipality is counting the days to present the Public Transportation Transfer Center, which will end the transportation problems experienced for many years, to the service of the public. As the establishment of the Alo 153 Center, which will manage the city traffic in the Smart City Traffic Safety Project, is nearing the end, the minibus tradesmen in 14 districts are experiencing the excitement of transporting passengers to the center. Metropolitan Mayor Mustafa Demir, on the other hand, said, “We will put these two projects into service in Samsun, the city of the future, with a ceremony that we will organize very soon.”
During the 2019 election campaign, Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mustafa Demir, who kept his promise of ease of access to the city center with the only vehicle he gave to the minibus tradesmen and citizens, completed the construction of the Public Transportation Transfer Center. The passenger transfer center, which will end the longing of transportation to the center with the minibuses that carry passengers between the city center and the districts, with the only vehicle that the citizens have been longing for for years, was located in the area next to the Atatürk Cultural Center. With its comfort and features, the center was made ready for opening.


Doğan Eğrikaya, President of Ladik Minibuses Cooperative, who is one of the minibus traders of the district, waiting for the day when the transfer center will be put into service, said, "Most of them are gone, but a few are left", and that they are excitedly waiting for the opening of the center. Eğrikaya said, “The moment that we and our passengers have been waiting for for a long time is coming. We are very happy to be entering the city. Because, as minibus drivers, we and our passengers were experiencing great difficulties. We were constantly getting complaints. In order to reach their destination in Samsun, our passengers were changing 3 vehicles. This was both a waste of money and a waste of time. These problems will be over now, we will all relax. When the number of passengers increases as they will leave their private vehicles at their homes, our 10-year grievances will come to an end. We would like to thank our President Mustafa Demir very much.


Emphasizing that the people of Çarşamba have been going to Samsun by changing 11-2 vehicles for 3 years, Carsamba Private Public Bus Enterprises Solidarity and Assistance Association President Kadem Aksoy said, “Our president Mustafa Demir has made our district passenger transfer center by fulfilling his promise to us. Everything is ready. We await your orders. When we come to the center after the opening, I will cut my vow. Our passengers will not be miserable with their loads and belongings either. On behalf of my 100 bus tradesmen and my association, I would like to thank you very much. If the seas were ink and the mountains were pens, we would not be able to overcome goodness. God bless him. May the healings bestow ”.


Expressing that they are looking forward to the opening of the passenger transfer center, 19 May Minibuses Cooperative President Muammer Akyüz said, "Greetings to our president, Mustafa Demir, who finished our 17 years of captivity. We offer our heartfelt thanks. We have suffered greatly for years. When Bafra Garage was demolished, 80 of my vehicles were actively working here. We are currently trying to manage with 24 vehicles. Our students spend most of their pocket money, while our passengers spend a significant portion of their salaries on transportation. We have come to the final stage to end these grievances. Our passengers are also calling and asking. We await with great joy and excitement the good news of the opening of the transfer center by our President.”


Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mustafa Demir, who continues to solve the city's infrastructure and superstructure problems with the institutional quality he brings to the local government and municipal services, said that they are on the eve of implementing two important projects. President Demir said, “We make the most effective use of digital information and communication technologies in our projects that will increase the comfort of life. We are transforming the solution center that meets the demands and expectations by ensuring healthy communication with our citizens, into the Alo 153 City Management Center.” Currently, the migration process continues with the tests of the system. Our other important project is the Public Transportation Transfer Center, which will ensure that our people and minibus tradesmen will reach the center with a single vehicle, by promising them. We will put these two projects into service very soon with a ceremony in Samsun, the city of the future.”

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