METU Student Study Station Opened

METU Student Work Station Opened
METU Student Study Station Opened

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality built a study area and library for students at the METU Metro Station. ABB President Mansur Yavaş, who attended the opening of the “METU Study Station”, which started to serve especially students after the Kızılay and Dikimevi Stations, met with the youth.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues its “student-friendly” practices that make life easier for students from the Capital.

After Kızılay and Dikimevi Stations, ABB opened the study area and library at the Middle East Technical University (METU) Metro Station for students from Başkent.

Young people showed great interest to ABB President Mansur Yavaş, who attended the opening of the center, which started to serve under the name of “METU Student Study Station”.


ABB President Mansur Yavaş, who attended the opening of the “METU Student Study Station”, said:

“We're building one under the parking lot at Kurtuluş Park. It has an indoor area of ​​2 square meters. Then there is the ice skating inside the Independence Park. It will address Ankara, Hacettepe and TED Universities. We rented an underground place from the Ministry of Agriculture next to the area where there is one Atatürk Forest Farm. There is a carpet field next to it, we are opening it. We will allocate Clothing World in Sıhhiye to young people. There is also a neighborhood situation in Esat. It will be there for you. We are also trying to make other libraries.”

Mansur Yavaş, who visited the station and received information from the heads of departments, talked with the young people at the work station he saw in the field. sohbet he did. Slow, who did not offend the students who showed great interest in him, took lots of photos with them.


After the opening at Çayyolu Metro METU Station, EGO General Manager Nihat Alkaş met with the students and answered the questions of the students visiting the library one by one.

Stating that they put the third station library and study area into service after Kızılay and Dikimevi Stations, Alkaş said, “The 580 square meter exhibition hall at METU Station was designated as an exhibition hall, but our President Mansur wanted this place to be for students and to be transformed into an area that would appeal to students. The Department of Science Affairs carried out the renovation works of this place. The Department of Women and Family Services continues its operation. Free internet, computers and free cafeteria services will be provided to our students. Our young people will be able to read books and access the internet with their friends here until the last metro hour. We will continue to open new libraries in appropriate areas,” said ABB Head of Women and Family Services, Dr. Serkan Yorgancılar said:

“Today we opened our library station at METU Metro Station. We will continue to serve until 24 hours every day of the week. All our university students can benefit from the books in our library, the internet, and our free tea, coffee and soup service.”


The young people, who showed great interest in the station from the first day, expressed their feelings with the following words:

Zehra Polat: "I'm a university student. We really needed such study areas such as the library, and it is a great advantage for us, especially in the subway. Another one opened last month. He is also very efficient, we toured there too. It is also very nice to have internet access, especially in the subways… We are very happy. Thank you very much to our President.”

Nurgul Kalkan: “I think it will be a very good opening. Having these libraries has definitely been a huge advantage for young people. Our reach has been very good. Especially the availability of internet and computers has been a very good opportunity for us. A great advantage especially for university students. I would like to thank my Mayor Mansur for giving us such an opportunity because I did not think about our comprehensive libraries at a sufficient level.”

Ahmet Balçırpanli: “When you look at the situation, we want to go abroad because these opportunities are provided in many European countries, European countries where we want to go. We are proud to see such actions in our city, in Turkey's capital, and to provide an opportunity for young people like us. So, we think that we will get out of the subway and meet our friend, for example, we have 10-15 minutes, maybe half an hour. What young person wouldn't see an opportunity to come here, read a book, research something on the computer and then meet up with a friend, instead of waiting outside? This is an opportunity made for us by the municipality.”

Taha Arda Cakir: “I think this place is very beautiful. Our President Mansur's thoughts on this subject made us happy that our friends at the metro station could come here together, research and learn something, while your friends were waiting. It makes us all happy to be with us and support us. Our transportation area is the subway. In this regard, there is a comfortable environment in which all students can enter and exit… During transportation, we all spend most of our time here. Our waits and meetings take place here. In the meantime, it will be a big win for all of us.”

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