Investors Act Consciously, Demand Solid Housing

Investors Are Acting Consciously Demand Solid Housing
Investors Act Consciously, Demand Solid Housing

Erkaya İnşaat Chairman of the Board Doğan Kaya stated that the citizens acted more consciously after the earthquake in İzmir and said that houses with solid floors and earthquake resistant were preferred.

Expressing that those who want to own a house now prefer areas close to the city center, easily accessible and with solid ground, Kaya said that Koyundere and Ulukent on the northern axis of İzmir have been in demand recently.

Emphasizing that transportation is no longer a problem in the northern region, which has a connection to Izban, the tramway and the ring road, Doğan Kaya continued: “Now, people prefer regions that have solid ground and are advantageous in terms of transportation. People of Izmir are pushing their budgets for quality housing. It goes beyond its budget to raise its standard. After the earthquake, the society became very conscious. Living in the city center is no longer as important as it used to be. Conscious people do not insist on space. He decides to sit at the points where the ground is more solid.

You can reach Mavişehir in 12 minutes from our Erkaya Twins project, which is under construction in Koyundere. This is an important advantage for a metropolitan city. Investors from Istanbul are surprised by this situation. Because they have to travel at least one or two hours during the day.”


Providing information about the Erkaya Twins project, Doğan Kaya continued: “Many features are presented together in the project. In particular, we paid attention to the use of the houses in terms of architectural design. The project is located on an area of ​​12 thousand 400 square meters in total. We will build a total of 3 flats with two types of 1+180 flats. Our basic work has now begun. We are planning to deliver the houses in December 2023. Erkaya Twins will have two different pools, 2 playgrounds, open parking lot, social areas and 24-hour security service. There will also be charging stations for electric vehicles. Our project attracts attention from both Izmir and outside the city. Our sample flat will soon welcome its visitors. Erkaya Twins is very close to İZBAN and public transportation; 3 minutes away from the highway”


Noting that real estate is the right address for the investor in this period, Doğan Kaya said, “Real estate has been the biggest investment tool since the world has existed. Investors rely more on real estate than foreign currency and gold during this period. For this reason, Erkaya Twins attracts the attention of investors from outside the city. İzmir has an important potential. Izmir deserves much better and is a privileged city. I work not only for myself, but also for the future of our children and our city. It is an important place with the culture, structure and climate of the people. We continue to work to improve our city.”

Günceleme: 02/09/2022 11:56

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