İBB Opened Lesson Workshops for Students! Applications will start on September 5th

Course Workshops for IBB Students Acti Applications Will Start in September
İBB Opened Lesson Workshops for Students! Applications will start on September 5th

IMM has implemented the Lesson Workshops Project, which will prepare students for LGS and YKS. In the first stage, 11 workshops were opened. In the 17 classrooms in the workshops, from Turkish to biology, subject repetitions, question solutions, one-to-one and group studies will be carried out in accordance with the school and exam curriculum. In addition to face-to-face training, students will also receive online training at the workshops. Applications for IMM Course Workshops, which will serve 5 thousand students this year, will start on September 5. Middle and high school senior students will be able to apply to the workshops at Dersatolyeleri.ibb.istanbul.

Lesson Workshops are implemented by the IMM Youth and Sports Directorate. In the workshops, environments where middle school and high school seniors can prepare for LGS and YKS, study after school, read books and do online research will be provided. In the workshops, 60 expert trainers graduated from education faculties will provide training in mathematics, Turkish, literature, physics, chemistry, biology and English in accordance with the school and exam curricula.

One-on-one and team work will also be carried out in the workshops where students will be provided with counseling and educational mentoring support. Analysis of questions regarding past term exams, different solution suggestions of auxiliary resources, reinforcement tactics that will facilitate students' understanding of course and exam topics, and methods that will save time in exams will also be among the activities of the workshops. During the in-workshop training, which is planned to last for 34 weeks, students will be entitled to a maximum of 10 unexcused absences.


While it is aimed to increase the number of workshops in the upcoming periods, applications for the 2022-2023 academic year will be received on the website Dersatolyeleri.ibb.istanbul as of September 5th.

Applications of Turkish citizens, 8th and 12th grade students residing within the borders of Istanbul, and students who graduated from high school within a maximum of one year will be accepted. While evaluating the applications, the criteria of the student's average success in school, the total net monthly income of the family and whether they are martyrs or veteran children will be taken into consideration. Students will be able to access the results of their application on the workshop website on September 12. In addition, students whose applications are approved will be informed via SMS. Course schedules, quotas and addresses of workshops, documents and information required for registration can be found on the website.


This year, 5 thousand students will be served with the online trainings. IMM Youth and Sports Directorate will make thousands of lecture videos, trial exams, downloadable question banks, test books and worksheets available to students in the online education system. There will also be a reward system on the platform in order to increase the motivation of the students, and students will have the chance to win various gifts as they watch the lessons and solve the questions. Online practice exams will be held for the whole of Istanbul at different times, and students who do not participate in the workshops will be accepted for the exams. With the new workshops to be opened and the inclusion of more students in the online education system, it is aimed to increase the student capacity to 10 thousand in the coming periods.


Classes at the workshop will begin on September 19. Workshops; It will provide quality education with its computer, technical equipment, electronics and strong infrastructure. In İBB Course Workshops, students will be able to choose 2 courses and the trainings will be supported with visual content. In this respect, the centers will positively affect the development of students with strong visual memory as well as students with improved written and verbal skills.


1. Anchor/ Fatih İBB Course Workshop

2. Silivrikapı/Fatih İBB Course Workshop

3. Bayrampaşa İBB Course Workshop

4. Sefaköy İBB Course Workshop

5. Sultangazi IMM Course Workshop

6. Kartal İBB Lecture Workshop – 1 (Hasan Doğan Sports Complex)

7. Kartal İBB Lecture Workshop – 2 (Uğur Mumcu Cultural Center)

8. Esenler İBB Course Workshop

9. Eyüpsultan İBB Course Workshop

10. Pendik IMM Course Workshop

11. Şile İBB Course Workshop

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