IMM's Non-Refundable Scholarship Applications for University Students Started

IMM's Non-refundable Scholarship Applications for University Students Has Started
IMM's Non-Refundable Scholarship Applications for University Students Started

In the 'Young University Support' project, which IMM has been increasing for three years, applications for scholarships of 75 TL, which will be given to 4 thousand students without repayment, have started. Students who want to benefit from the support will be able to apply through the IMM's “Istanbul Yours” mobile application between September 500 and October 26.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) will provide 75 thousand 4 TL scholarship support to 500 thousand students in order to support university students economically within the scope of the "Young University Support" project. Students who want to apply must reside in Istanbul or study at state or foundation/private universities with 100% scholarship. It is also among the required criteria for mid-year and senior students to have a year-end success grade of at least 100 out of 53 or 4 out of 2,00. Open education and distance education students, those in paid exchange programs, graduate and doctorate students, and those over the age of 25 will not be able to benefit from the scholarship.


Students will apply for scholarship support through IMM's “Istanbul is Yours” application. Detailed information about the project and criteria is available in the "Istanbul Your" mobile application. Applications started on September 26 and will end on October 16. After the evaluations, students who are entitled to receive a scholarship will be paid in 3 installments as of October.


Making statements regarding the scholarship support, Mahir Polat, Deputy Secretary General of IMM, said, “IMM is launching the 'Young University Support' program. In the project, which has been going on for 3 years, 52 thousand 3 TL support was given to 200 thousand students. Due to the changing and difficult life conditions, IMM will contribute 75 TL to 4 thousand students this year.” Noting that the aid will be made according to the needs of the families, Polat said, “We determine these aids according to the neediness of the families. All students who are residing in Istanbul or their families can apply. We look at educational status and success criteria. Students who will apply must study at state universities or have a 500% scholarship requirement at private or foundation universities. Our young friends can complete their applications through the Istanbul Your application until 100 October. Application documents and other information are available in the Istanbul Your application to guide them.


Scholarships provided within the scope of the “Young University Support” project are given on a non-refundable and interest-free basis. Within the scope of "Young University Support", 2019 thousand 2020 students were provided with scholarships in the 29-423 academic year, which is the first term of the project. In the 2020-2021 academic year, 33 thousand 763 students received scholarships, while 2021 thousand 2022 students received scholarships in the 51-992 academic year. While the support made in this period is 3 thousand 200 TL in total, 2022 thousand 2023 TL non-refundable scholarships will be given to 75 thousand students in the 4-500 academic year.


· Copy of birth certificate

. Residence certificate (Those who come from outside the city must have their residence in Istanbul taken.)

· Certificate of not having a criminal record / disciplinary action

· Certified population registration sample

· Student certificate and transcript showing grade status

· Scholarship certificate

· Disciplinary document

· Documents showing the financial situation of the family (income certificate, payroll, etc.)

· Photocopy of disability report of himself or his family members, if any

· Documents showing siblings who are studying, if any (Only siblings who are active students are taken into account)

· Document containing the student's bank account information

· Student's Istanbul Card information

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