From the Splendor of Erciyes to the Peak of Art Exhibition Opens to Visitors

From Erciyesin Ihtisamin to Art's Summit Exhibition Opens to Visit
From the Splendor of Erciyes to the Peak of Art Exhibition Opens to Visitors

“Erciyes” is the altar of 56 thousand 3 works in 917 handicraft branches, prepared by Kayseri Vocational Education and Culture A. From the Splendor of Art to the Peak of Art” KAYMEK Year-End Exhibition opens tomorrow.

KAYMEK, which operates within the Metropolitan Municipality, continues to add new ones to the exhibitions it organizes with valuable handicraft works as well as vocational training courses.

In the 2021-2022 academic year, KAYMEK presents handicraft works prepared with great effort by the trainees and trainers that it has trained in many handicraft branches at its facilities, to the people of Kayseri with the KAYMEK Year-End Exhibition “From the Splendor of Erciyes to the Peak of Art”.

Inspired by the height of Erciyes Mountain, the exhibition, which will start to welcome its visitors on Saturday, September 10 at 14.00 at the KAYMEK Eye Nuru Facility, is preparing to present a visual feast of 56 works in 3 branches of handicraft.


The KAYMEK Year-End Exhibition, which consists of the handicraft products of the trainees and KAYMEK instructors who are trained in the courses organized by KAYMEK in many art branches, will impress the visitors with a different concept. With the exhibition to be opened by KAYMEK, it is planned to create a visual feast in 2022 with the largest number of works compared to its counterparts in the country.

“From the Glory of Erciyes to the Peak of Art” at the KAYMEK Year-End Exhibition, 'Acrylic Paint Painting, Aluminum Relief Making, Glass Hand Decor, Glass Mosaic (Mosaic), Dowry Products Preparation, Decorative Coverings, Tile Engraving/Tinist, Tahrirci/Çinici, 56 thousand 3 works will be exhibited in 917 branches of handicraft such as Sewing Children's Tops, Making Lace Anglez, Making Drum Leather Accessories, Making Leather Bags, Saddlery Cutters, Decorative Wooden Ornaments, Decorative Basket Knitting.

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