Flat-soled Slippers, Flat Shoes and Sandals Worn in Summer Can Cause Heel Spurs

Flat-soled Slippers, Flats and Sandals Worn in Summer Can Cause Heel Spurs
Flat-soled Slippers, Flat Shoes and Sandals Worn in Summer Can Cause Heel Spurs

There is a band that supports our bones in the area under our feet. This band helps us to walk and provides the formation of the foot arch. In the heel spur, pain and bone extension (spur) occur in the heel area as a result of the continuous tension of the band. With the accumulation of calcium in the heel, a thorn image is formed on the X-ray. The stinging, disturbing structure is not a thorn, the tension of the tape causes pain. What is Heel Spur? What are the treatment methods? What are the symptoms?

Noting that heel spurs are frequently encountered in summer and autumn, Leyla Altıntaş, Specialist Physiotherapist from Therapy Sport Center Physical Therapy Center, said:

“One of the biggest causes of heel spurs is the flat-soled slippers, flat shoes and sandals we wear during the summer period. In excess weight, it causes the heel to be loaded for a long time and disrupts the load distribution on the foot. Another factor is standing for long periods of time.” said.

What are the 7 risk factors that cause its formation? What are the symptoms?

Underlining that the person with heel spurs does not want to step on their feet, Expert Physiotherapist Leyla Altıntaş said:

“The typical feature of heel spurs is that the person does not want to step on their foot when they get up in the morning, because edema at the heel attachment point causes pain and tenderness. After 3-5 steps, a feeling of relaxation occurs. Pain increases with standing up after long sitting. There are complaints such as difficulty in stepping, pain when walking more during the day, pain when walking on hard ground, and throbbing. he said.

Expert Physiotherapist Leyla Altıntaş, who gave information about the risk factors that cause heel spurs, said:

1-Walking on hard ground,

2-Wrong choice of shoes,

3-Running, jumping,

4-Excess weight,

5-Gender (more likely to occur in women),

6- Standing for a long time,

7-It is conditions such as old age.

What are the treatment methods?

Specialist Physiotherapist Leyla Altıntaş, who stated that the purpose of the treatment of heel spurs is to reduce the pain and pressure in the heel and increase the flexibility of the band, continued her speech as follows:

“The simplest and most basic treatment is to rest the foot with rest and reduce the pressure, and to apply ice for 10-15 minutes for pain and edema. Standing for long periods, reducing activities and losing weight are among the factors that need to be corrected. Shoe; It should be in accordance with the foot anatomy, which protects the foot arch and the sole is not flat. By examining the load distribution in the foot with gait analysis, insoles suitable for the foot form can be selected. During the treatment, surgery, PRP, steroid injection, Hiltherapy, ESWT are used. ESWT is the shock wave therapy that we frequently use in the clinic. The high pressure of the sound waves is applied by shooting to the pain points in the heel with the help of a headgear. Supports the healing process in the band under the foot. The treatment has a high efficacy rate and faster results are obtained compared to other options.” said.

Simple exercises to do during the day are:

Pointing out that the important item that should be added next to each of the treatment options is “exercise”, Leyla Altıntaş, Specialist Physiotherapist, said:

“Exercises that we can simply do without taking our time during the day will be as follows. First, we can increase flexibility by stretching our toes upwards without getting out of bed, and we should do this for 10 repetitions. Secondly, we can freeze a small water or soda bottle in the fridge and put it under our feet where we sit and slide it back and forth for 5-10 minutes. It is recommended to wear thin socks in order not to cause sensitivity due to the cold. The third exercise we can do is to slide forward and backward with a barbed ball under the feet.” he said.

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